14 February 2011

[NEWS] 110214 IU foretells Jay coming back to 2PM

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아이유의 가요대상 석권 예언이 적중하자 아이유가 그 다음 순위로 꼽은 박재범에게도 눈길이 쏠리고 있다.

지난해 2월 아이유는 ‘아이유의 GMC’에서 ‘아이유의 가상뉴스’를 진행하며 1위로 아이유 가요대상 석권을 꼽았다.

이와 관련해 새 앨범이 나오자마자 각종 음원차트에서 1위를 하고 대박이 난다고 예언했으며 실제 아이유의 예언은 적중했다.

아이유가 그 다음순위로 꼽았던 것은 박재범은 2PM 복귀로 현재 박재범이 솔로로 전향했지만 2PM의 결합을 바라는 팬들은 영험한 아이유의 예언에 조그마한 희망을 걸고 있다는 소식이다.

한편 아이유는 KBS 2TV 월화드라마 ‘드림하이’에서 첫연기임에도 불구하고 연기력 호평을 받으며 가수와 연기자 모두 성공가도를 달리고 있다.

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As IU's vision for her winning the Gayo Awards became true, eyes are turning to Park Jaebum, who she had picked secondly.

Last February, in 'IU's GMC', IU had emceed 'IU's Fictional News' and chose IU winning the Gayo Awards in 1st place.

Related to this, she foretold that as soon as her new album was released, she would get a daebak by having 1st place on various music charts, and this foretelling had become true.

The next thing IU had foretold was the return of Park Jaebum to 2PM, and even though Park Jaebum had turned solo, fans who want the reunion of 2PM has been known to be putting a smidgen of hope on IU's foresight.

On the other hand, IU has been riding on the track to glory as both singer and actor by receiving praise on her acting in KBS' 'Dream High' even though it is her first try at acting.


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