14 February 2011

[Trans] Hanako Magazine - Wooyoung, Teacyeon

Jap-Thai: Namhom @2pmalways | Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways | Scans by Junsu.kr


Works relentlessly for the perfection

"I’d like to show our fans only great performances so I will never give up and try to make up for what I lack "

Absolutely, no one can compare to Wooyoung when it comes to the perfection. Every single one of his performance is perfect; he makes no mistake. With a dream of becoming like Michael Jackson, he joined auditions several times until he became a trainee in his current company. He now looks up to many artists and concentrates only on music and dancing

“My ambition is to be someone who can do every styles of dancing like Rain hyung. Not grandiloquent gesture kind of dance but grooves is more important. But my dancing skill is not that great so I’m trying to supplement it with body line”

His beautiful hand gesture during the interview is like a painting. Although he’s only 21, he answers our questions with coolness and multi-facial expressions as if we’re talking not doing an interview. When we ask him about dating a japanesegirl in Seoul, he shyly says “I’ve seen people walking happily around Cheonggyecheon area makes me think how great it would be to hang out there , have ttoekbokki and after that buy her a scarf because the cold weather”

Then we remember last time, members said that he was inexperienced in love. So is it possible to date an older woman?

“Well, like they said I don’t have much experience. Somehow, Thie perfectionist’s view of love is pretty pure. What’s hidden in his ambition must be a pure heart and fans surely are nodding in agreement ”

*Exclusive interview withCoke Zero

Devoting as an athlete

Feeling so refreshing that I can get back to where I start whenever I want to

Wooyoung says to us that “I’d like to be accepted as a devoting athlete more than being popular” Performance that comes from competence and great music which makes the song be on top of the chart plus ambition are the taste of his life


Real man should be kind no aggressive

Taecyeon’s titled as a professional for his drawing. The cat he draws named “Okcat”, which comes with many facial expressions and he can turn everyone into cats, is well-known among fans.

“It’s the cat I drew since I was young. My friends in Boston were surprised and asked why the cat turned out like that!”

He looks extremely naïve. From what we hear from the others about him is so pure. The role Han JeongWoo which he played in "Cinderella's Sister" who lived only to protect a girl he loved still remains in our hearts

“I’m very happy that many japanese fans are interested in the drama though it is my first time”

He’s now appearing in the second drama “Dream high” and receives a great response for his acting skill and challenging the role of high school boy who’s creating his own path in life

“Actually, the person who dragged me into this entertainment industry is my sister. I joined an audition in New York but now my family has all moved to Seoul”

His expression is bright till the end but once he gets on stage, he’ll turn into a beast idol. During the high level of acrobatic performance and low-pitched rap, he’ll become lively making us laugh and exciting us

“Dating in Seoul? Ah, there’s a shopping mall around Time Square in Yeongdeungpo. I’ll buy something which looks well on her because nice guy is the real guy!” he frankly says

*Exclusive interview withCoke Zero
High skill is important and self-confidence too!
I’ll look tough on the stage

Today, we can hear his powerful rap again “tough Taceyeon on the stage is just an acting. I was quiet when I was young and now I’m kinda laid-back” he’s really a perfect performer.


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