19 February 2011

[NEWS] 110218 Does Wooyoung look like a bird? JYP gave admission.

May be taken out with full credits.


Does 2PM Wooyoung look like a bird?

The fact that Wooyoung looks like a bird has been fully confirmed. Recently, he got attention for looking like the little shy chicken Nado in cartoon movie . In the photoshop picture, Wooyoung showed big eyes and slightly pouted to a surprising facial expression. It was as if Wooyoung were chicken Nado's twin brother and people were surprised for how much they look alike. Besides, in the broadcasted on 14th, this fact was officially confirmed. In the drama, when Park JinYoung, who is guiding the students for the showcase, listed the characters of each student, "Looks like birds" appeared as the shortage of Wooyoung!

After the broadcast, netizens commented, "Nobody looks more like a bird than Wooyoung! Who says it's a shortage? That's too cute!" "It's hard to find one so alike a chicken! More looks more lovely~" etc.


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