25 February 2011

[NEWS] 110224 dENiZEN releases new photos of Jay

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Park Jaebum has thrown down the gauntlet to the denim brand, filled with the battles of the women celebrities' body figures.

Park Jaebum revealed cuts from dENiZEN from LEVI'S, for which he works as a brand model for, 2011 Spring-Summer Pictorial.

The filming of this pictorial, carried out at a studio at Kyungkido Paju, was carried out with the emotions 'fun' and 'active', which fit dENiZEN's identity. It was led with the concept of its global slogan, 'Fit out, Start up'.

dENiZEN's 2011 slogan, put out worldwide, 'Fit out, Start up' means to 'Let's start now with dENiZEN', and was also reflected in this photo shooting, with the story directing of Jaebum seeming to start whilst wearing denim pants.

This pictorial of Jaebum, starting with him wearing dENiZEN denims, revealed Park Jaebum's chocolate abs befitting the spring season, capturing the hearts of many women.

A marketing official of dENiZEN said, "We're planning to make an issue in the fashion world with our new and fun SNS marketing with Park Jaebum in 2011. It is well to anticipate the secret promotion we will be showing coming March".


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