27 February 2011

[NEWS] 110226 2PM's Entry into Japan, Making Japanese Fans go Wild, 2PM, Japan


2PM's appeared at an airport in Okinawa, Japan and drove the local fans wild.

Nichkhun and the other 2PM members―in preparation for their performance at the "Super Live In Okinawa" the next day, on the 26th―arrived at Naha Airport and received a passionate welcome. The several hundred fans that came to welcome 2PM tightly filled the airport to the point that there was barely any place to stand. The fans displayed happy faces, giving the members presents and waving fans with the members' faces printed on them. One fan had a poster with the acclimation, "2PM OKINAWA Tired of Waiting," written on it.

Beginning with their performance on the 26th, 2PM will then perform at "The 12th Tokyo Girls Collection" fashion even that will be held at the Tokyo National Yoyogi National Gymnasium on March 5th. "ALL ABOUT 2PM," a collection of their 5 albums that have been released in Korea, will go on sale March 9th.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org


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