17 February 2011

[Trans] Hanako Magazine - Chansung & Junho

Jap-Thai: Jujang,Namhom @2pmalways | Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways | Scans by Junsu.kr

I hardly understand girls’ feelings

Chansung is the youngest member so we ask him if he turns into a younger brother when 6 of them being together?

"No. 2PM is leaderless. Age doesn’t matter at all so we’re equal and this is more fun."

One of the reasons 2PM’s been named as beastly idol is the muscular body.Chansung’s compact muscular body makes him look like a man more than a younger brother. In their 1st concert in Seoul last summer, when he took off his shirt during his solo stage causing fans go wild. It was real which made a deep impression. Now, he’s right in front of us. That gentle pretty boy whose profile is perfect and eyelash is beautiful

“Myrussian blue cat at home named Jeonggum is adorable. I got it from someone I know. The meaning of Jeonggum?I can’t explain exactly. Its direct meaning is “feeling” like a good feeling, sort of. But only special in South Korea.”

He lives in a family of four and has an older brother

"My parents expected my older brother to obtain good marks in studying whereas they expected me to be good at sport since I took fencing and taekwondo lessons. They were pretty surprised that I passed the audition and debut as a singer."

Ideal date in Seoul is…
"Wandering around in Myungdong. Buying stuffs and when we’re hungry, we’ll have food on skewer. What to buy for her? Well,…maybe, perfume"
An older woman for him is alright. The ideal love is to go steady with girlfriend. “Even so, I hardly understand girls (laughs)”

This shining 21 yr-old star, whom fans praise for his beauty, bows his head down in embarrassing

*Exclusive interview withCoke Zero

I’m wishing that you’d get to know about us soon
Healthy muscles and naturally pretty eyes

Chansung’s pheromone helps him attract people around to go crazy over him even in Tokyo. At the conference press he says “I’m wishing that japanese fans would get to know about us asap” He’s already made girls all over the country fall for him



He’s received a compliment that his voice is good when talking

Despite of shooting this early in the morning, Junho steps forward to the camera for the first shooting. He’s professionally-minded, calm and serious star.

"I had a preconception that a guy shouldbe manly ever since I was young. Therefore I tried to be like that so my personality doesn’t match well with my appearance (laughs). Having been working as 2PM and become more experienced helps me get rid of old me. Now I understand how to express more softly."

Contrary to our expectations, his voice is low but when he tries, he can hit high pitch as well.

"I used to hate my own voice and felt disappointed at it after hearing it which had been recorded so I’d work on it again. Then there was time, fans heard me on the radio and said that my low voice was good. I do like Lee Byung Hun’s low voice but I’m not trying to copy him (laughs)"

Due to Junho’s injury during their trademarked acrobatic practice, its formation had to be changed

"Actually, the movement would be stronger. Even though it’s hard to take up courage against the venture, the feeling of achievement is somehow different"

A date in Seoul
"Going up the Namsan Tower by cable car to get a night view.Korean food is my favorite. Together with her, I want to eat jjimdak (chicken chim) made by steaming chicken which have been marinated in a soy sauce”

What kind of girl’s reaction which tells you that she has a feeling for you?
"When she makes a first move. But I nearly have time so it’d be great if there’s something like that happens"

*Exclusive interview withCoke Zero
We play on the stage but once the song is played, we’ll immediately get down to business
Junho used to say “I can change my mood naturally when the music starts because my desire is to convey the real meaning of the song. I put my feelings into the song and continue that way, when it’s my turn, I’ll send the feeling to the audience"



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