23 September 2011

[INT] Interview ViVi Part 1 (Nichkhun, Chansung, Junsu)

JPN-Eng by SakiHA @2pmalways.com3 | Edited by Egle @2pmalways.com | Scans credit to Neruneruchan & Yooko_11 MAY BE TAKEN OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

--- What is it that stands out in your memory from the trainee days?
When I couldn’t speak Korean, Taecyeon stayed with me helping to communicate with people. From Junsu, I learned a lot about singing, I would always ask him “How can you sing that well?”

--- What was the toughest thing before the debut?
I think I always was frustrated and anxious. I didn’t know anything about dancing, singing and Korean. “Why did they choose me?” I even wondered like that.

--- How did you manage to go through the tough time?

Efforts bear fruit, anyway!

--- Was it very embarrassing to rip your shirts off on stage, when you first did it?
Yes, it’s true. When I was skinny, it was so embarrassing. However, as I worked out, it soon made a difference. And I love to tone up my body.

--- What is your personal motto?

“To receive is to give.” You cannot receive anything at least you give something to others. We must give first.

---When do you think you are “wild”?
When I am working out, I always want to defeat somebody. I work hard to win.

--- What is Nichkhun’s secret?

He looks very sweet, but he is a real man actually. He’s a man in a million. (Taecyeon)
He sleeps early. Thanks to that, I got used to going to bed early because we share one room. (Chansung)

---Do you have a confidence about your appearance?
Yes, I love the way I look. (LOL) …Reasons? Isn't it sad to hate myself? You should love yourself first!

--- You are in charge of 2PM’s “sexiness”, right?
(LOL) I like it too. I think it can also be one of the competitive characteristics to attract women.

--- Which part of 2PM’s performance do you want to improve?

In general, we are still immature, but I want to improve my talking skills and acrobatics.

--- What is your personal motto?

Before it was “We gain nothing without losing”. However, I read a book and it says “People tend to think that the world is full of bad news, and the reason why people think like that is because this world is full of happiness and lovely things.” I agree with that so my thoughts have changed. Then, I have promised myself if there something bad happens, take that with an open heart and behave positively.

--- You see a girl in a balcony alone at a party. What would you do?
I would bring healthy drink from overdrinking. We would chat for a little while and I would suggest her to lie down. (Other members oppose to lying her down!) Huh? Isn’t it a home party? Then I’d chat with her till dawn. (LOL)

---What is Chansung’s unforeseen aspect?

He reads a lot, especially books about psychology. (LOL) (Junsu)


--- Are you 2PM’s leader?
(LOL) No, I’m not. There’s no leader in 2PM. I am the main vocalist.

--- Who do you think improved the most?

I think it’s Chansung. He wasn’t really good at both dancing and singing, but as he worked hard, he became so much better.

--- When do you feel happy as a member of 2PM?
It’s been 3 years since we have debuted, and as our name is getting known well by many people, I feel a little bit more confident being a member of 2PM and growing up together. Besides, throughout our life as a group, we developed a strong bond and a caring heart for each other. It’s like I learned what a social life is from 2PM. Furthermore, I’d say I learned what being a human is.

--- Were you a delinquent before, by any chance?
Before I became a member of 2PM, I was… What should I say… I was a very quiet and earnest person. I met friends here and came out of my shell.

---When do you think you are “wild”?

I would say my wildness is my passion. When Igot into music, my passion for it was overflowing, but actually, music and I are so close thatI even feel like these days I haven’t beentoo passionate about music. However, when I did both arrangement and singing on KBS’s “Immortal Songs 2”, I stayed up all night and worked in order to make a perfect composition. I realized that I’m still so enthusiasticabout music.

---What is Junsu’s unforeseen aspect?
I thought he was just a funny person, however, recently I’ve realized how dependable of a man he really is. (Junho)
These days he is getting his individuality established. (Taecyeon)

JPN-Eng by SakiHA @2pmalways.com3 | Edited by Egle @2pmalways.com | Scans credit to Neruneruchan & Yooko_11



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