20 September 2011

[INT] JYP interview from JoseiSeven

Source: 유키 @whattimeisitnow | Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways

JYP about the boys (from JoseiSeven)

Nichkhun must be the brightest person so far I have met among the artists. He’s not captivated by easily acquired fame and money, and his greatest strength is that he can easily determine what really matters the most.


He’s simple and honest. He is a loveable person, who honestly and sometimes naively tries his best.


The difference or a gap between Taecyeon’s excellence and the things he’s lacking is very adorable. He might be acting very sexy on stage, but in reality he’s the most simple-hearted and genuine of them all.


There’s a word in Korean “kki” () which means "natural talent“. It refers to naturally gifted artists, and this boy has that kind of talent. He‘ll be become a great entertainer, if he manages to break through his shell.


Junsu is a dinstinctive personality already. As a person from Daegu, he has a unique accent. He was hiding it, but during one variety show, he went and used it all out unawares. After that day, he discarded all the boundaries, and it became an honest part of him to the very core of his songs.


Even thinking of him moves a corner in my heart.“For a celebrity it’s better to be unattractive than to look like someone else.” It really hurt to see him agonize over certain things.


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