20 September 2011

[TRANS] 2PM Flies to Thailand to be Judges in the "Kpop Cover Dance Festival 2011"


18 September 2011 at 15:30 at the Thailand Cultural Center at the Srinakarintornwirote University, 'Idol Beasts' 2PM have flown to Thailand to be judges in the Kpop Cover Dance Festival to find the best teenagers from all over the world who love and are interested in Cover Dance. They are competing to win the chance to join the "Hallyu Dream Festival 2011" on October 1-3, 2011 at Gyeongju Indoor Stadium. At the end of the event, 2PM also performed 'Hands Up' to please Thai fans who were cheering throughout the hall.

The Kpop Cover Dance Festival 2011 is a competition of cover dances from Korean singers, and is the largest stage in the world. It will be a highlight of the Hallyu Dream Festival 2011, which is the concert that is the hottest in Korea. It will include many stages, including the Hallyu Dream Concert, the international Cover Dance competition, Meet & Greet of the most famous artists in Korea, a fashion show, and a movie. This whole festival will include everything all in one place, at Gyeongju, which used to be the capital of the Korean peninsula and has a history over 1,000 years.

The Kpop Cover Dance Festival is an event to celebrate the popularity of the Korean culture, music, and artists. This gives a stage to fans who are interested in Cover Dance from around the world, gives them a chance to show off their skills and compete. Those who are interested can send in a video of their team for audition and can apply to be a part of the competition at http://www.coverdance.org, and judges will select teams from the audition. Representatives from each country will be selected to perform on stage at the Hallyu Dream Festival 2011 with all expenses paid for airfare, hotel, travel, food, and drinks. And special prize will be given to the winner, which is the chance to work in the Korean entertainment industry.

More pictures here.

Source: http://www.pingbook.com/news/view.php?id=13856
Translated by whiterose @ Wild2Day.org


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