16 September 2011

[NEWS] JYP explains that the important qualities are "sincerity and devotion", Khun and Taec weigh in

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The Key Figure of the K-POP Boom explained that the important qualities are "sincerity and devotion"

J.Y. Park (Jay Y Park, 39 years old) is said to be the key figure of the K-POP Boom. He has been active in the industry since the year 1990 as a singer being known as Park Jin Young. In the present he is a very successful producer who nurtured 2PM. In Japan he has gathered attention from the drama “Dream High”, where he portrayed himself as a unique teacher. It has been known that Bae Yong Joon (39) was the producer of this drama, but the one that started up this project was Park.

In a realistic episode where he was a young man dreaming of the world of show business, he made some rivals and was studying hard to hone his skills. During a play, portraying as the school’s board chairman Bae Yong Joon told 3 people that lacked experience “everyone is lacking something” and placed them specifically in separate schools, that is for us to understand what Park believes.

「Lacking some ability to dance and sing is not an obstacle in becoming a star. Firstly, “sincerity and devotion” is something that one must have」he said.

Last time, when this magazine interviewed 2PM, Nichkhun (23), Taecyeon (22) have said this.

「(From J.Y. Park) We have been taught that, “It is not about showing other people how good you are, but it is about you becoming a good person yourself".」

When J.Y. Park told us that, we bowed deeply.

「If we try to pretend that we are a good person, as time passes the fans will see through us. Through our work that we've put our hearts into, we will move the fans.」


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