17 September 2011



The acrobatics technics fulfill the powerful performance

Last night, 2PM performed at J-Wave Live for the first time.
Today we have, Kato Miria and Juju participated as well.
“The even was commented by members”

“The stage performance with famous artists are wonderful”

The atmosphere during 6 boys performed are unbelievable by their famous.

We can’t believe that this was their first time join our stage. The start with hot track ” I’m Your Man” จ

Today fashion is white suite and black necktie. This fashion are so bright.

Once they take their necktie off, showing their passionate masculine charismatic.

The audience fell to their charms and they also ripped their shirt to prove their sexiness.

The audience were scream out loud and were knocked out by 2PM glances.

During talk time, Taec said ” Today we have a chance to join Wave Live 2000 +11 we are so glad”

Chansung said “The music connected our hearts and J-Wave Live 200+11

is the wonderful stage. We are so glad to be part of it.”

They talked about their feeling to join the stage for the first time. They made the venue filled with peacefulness and friendship.

But suddenly, once they performed the stunning rapping, passionate dancing and stage charismatic. The also shout “Let’s go” together with the second parts with “Take Off”
With the plane dance moves. The last part , they sang Hands Up and 10/10. All members performed acrobatics.

Finally Taec said, ” See U later”

Meeting 2PM to day made me faced a spacial day.

8/21 One day with 2PM

Both Hi Touch and Live performance with a busy day of 2PM.

At the Hi touch for memorial of the second single “I’m your man” released.


50,000 Fans Meeting

Today is a Hi Touch even for fans who bought the 2nd single “I’m your man”

It was start in the morning. Fans came and Chansung said

“I’m so glad to see you all”

Taecyeon said “From our debut single “Take Off” This is our second Hi Touch event”

and i’m so glad to meet our fans. I would like to start really soon.”

And before the event start, they took a picture together by member using the main point of this song “Necktie” to post with all fans standing behide.”

I also show the necktie sign which was the logo of I’m your man” w

then the Hi touch event started with all 6 member smiles throughout the event.

I saw Junsu reach out his hand for a child fans.

Nichkhun got up to help fans who injured her legs. Proving their gentle minds.

On the other hands Junho was fun with fans and Wooyoung hi touch his fans warmly.

There were having fun to meet 50,000 fans.

This event had more fans join about 10,000 from the last Hi Touch event and it finished around 5PM.

Jp-Th by nokoko @ Gangkhun.com l En-Th by TKKT@followkhun
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