22 September 2011

[TRANS] 2PM Nichkhun's 'Seoul Diary' Part 7 -Sharing the hearts of fans...

Right now, I am more popular from 'Hands Up' promotion, and I am very satisfied.

Not too long ago, Hottests (2PM's fanclub) celebrated my birthday and had given me lots of presents, and when I went to Bangkok to tape Running Man, fans that went to the filming locations also gave me a surprise birthday that I never thought I would have.

I am always thankful for my fans' considerations. The occupation of being a celebrity is a job that gets lots of love and I am very happy for all this love from people, but if we can instead give our warm hearts to others, then that has a lot more meaning to me.

Thank you to all my fans who have given me presents, but instead if we can give that interest and our hearts to little angels who are less fortunate than us and we can give them hope, that would be better.

Actually I don't really remember when I started donating and how, but my interests in these organizations was largely influenced by my mom. My parents believe that donating to others is very important, so to me this is very normal. It's not something that is a very big deal at all. At first when we first debut, I did a lot of good things with UNICEF.

Not too long ago, I invited everyone to join "B-Friend" who helps those less fortunate in Africa. Through twitter, I told everybody "Everybody is able to help others who are less fortunate in Africa through B-Friend! Come join us!! ♥" in Korean, English, Thai, and Japanese.

The wristband in the picture is a symbol. It is a campaign for starving children. Being able to support and wear this wristband to help starving children in South Africa makes my heart warm.

If I could give all the love that I have gotten from fans to the starving children in South Africa that are so far away, that would be so meaningful.

Fans are like my friends that give me so much love. It would be great if children in Africa, where there a high rates of Tetanus and who don't even have shoes on their feet, could receive the same love from these friends.

If the warm hearts of Hottests can be sent to our friends in Africa, then that would be a good thing.

Source: http://www.issuedaily.com/news/news_view.p...011091222174177
Translated by Loverzai @ 2pmalways (Kor-Thai) ; whiterose @ Wild2Day.org (Thai-Eng)


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