20 September 2011

[TRANS] Thai - Korean translator's short 2PM fanaccount from 2PM's Guerilla Concert in Thailand

A few fanaccount tweets from one of the Thai - Korean translators team regarding 2PM in Thailand this past weekend for the MBC KPOP Roadshow Dance Cover Festival!

The PD told us at first 2PM is going to perform only 2 songs (LipSync) but when they took their blindfolds off they saw that there were more fans than they have expected. So when the interview ended the manager (and me) (1)

(2) had to run and search for the manager’s bag (perhaps) to bring another CD to replace the current one. The program was changed from 2 songs + LipSync to 6 songs (approximately) and live singing instead. :)

This decision is made by 2PM and their manager solely so the performing cues were messed up - -“

The PD said that even at MuCore or at other gigs they usually perform only 2-3 songs only. Three is really the maximum. But on that night at the free concert, they performed 5-6 songs and this has happened because of the fans and the boys. Thank you very much.

While we were in the car someone rambled (probably Junsu) “Whenever we come to Thailand it always rains. We should change our group name from 2PM to 비PM” ( (Bi) = 비= Rain)

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