10 October 2011

[NEWS] 2PM Taiwan Press Conference

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Beastly idols 2PM, who held their first "2PM Hands Up Asia Tour" Press Conference in Korea on 2nd September, had their appearance in Taiwan today.

During the press conference, 2PM members were often spotted whispering to each other, showing their great friendship. As this is their second trip to Taiwan, 2PM misses their fans and Taiwan delicacies the most. They have high expectations of this first overseas concert, often making full use of their free time to rehearse, in hope of bring the most memorable experience to Hottest.

Junsu once said in Korea that they are very honoured to be holding this Asia Tour, and will show their best performance while Taecyeon said they had many difficult moments during the concert preparation and there are times when they really needed to rest, but no matter what, they still hope to show everyone the real 2PM. So will this trip allow 2PM to rest and trying out the Taiwan delicacies?

What we know for sure is their concert on the 7th and 8th will definitely be great! Let’s take a look at the press conference today.

How do you feel about this trip to Taiwan?
Taecyeon: As this is the first overseas stop of our Asia Tour, we have high expectations.

Will there be any surprise performance for the Taiwan concert?
Wooyoung: To be truthful, the content for the tour is the same, the only difference is if we did our best for the local fans.
Junsu: I will be releasing my digital single soon so for tomorrow’s concert, I will be performing my solo single.

Since this is your 3rd trip to Tawiwan, do you feel any difference?
Taecyeon: The previous trips are collaborations with other groups. This is our first individual concert so we are especially happy.

Do you miss any Taiwan food?
Chansung (Food representative): Pearl Milktea
Nichkhun: I bought Pineapple Cake from the airport for myself during the last trip but my mom and sisters ate them all.

Which member is the best at hyping the atmosphere?
Chansung: Wooyoung and Junsu. Junho and I are the most awkward.
Junho: Please remove me from the statement.

What do you do to relax?
Nichkhun: Exercise and food. After eating, I will think of positive stuff.

After eating, do you need to exercise doubly hard?
Chansung: Yes because we are afraid of gaining weight.

Who eats the most?
Junho: Chansung.
Chansung: Taecyeon.
Taecyeon: It shouldn’t be me.

So how much can you eat?
Chansung: Just a lot.

Kpopn’s question: Will you be releasing a Chinese song?
Taecyeon: We just entered the Japanese market and are currently occupied with Japanese activities so we might have to wait for another opportunity before releasing a Chinese album.

So you are studying Japanese now?
Chansung: Studying hard.

Is it hard?
Taecyeon: It’s very difficult! (He replied in Mandarin)

Kpopn’s question: Will you invite Victoria to the concert?
After Taecyeon and Nichkhun’s discussion…
Nichkhun: As Victoria is really talented too, if there is a chance we will invite her as a guest to perform.

How about Wilber Pan*? Did you invite him to the concert?
Nichkhun: I contacted him, if time permits we will have dinner together.

Wilber Pan wrote in his Weibo* saying he wants to treat 2PM to dinner.

T/N: Nichkhun participated in Wilber Pan’s music video in February.
T/N: Weibo (微薄) is also known as the Chinese version of Twitter.

After touring so many countries, are Taiwan fans different from other countries’?
Junsu: It’s really touching to see so many fans in the airport waiting for us every time. We will bring our best performance.

Any new music plans?
Taecyeon: For now, we will be doing our individual activities.

You are always busy with new albums and activities, will you be able to cope in your real life?
Junho: I think I am very fortunate because every time I am upset, my members will be by my side supporting me, and there are also Hottest, so I am really fortunate and glad.

You have so many endorsements, are there any product you want to endorse in particular?
Taecyeon: Actually there are not much endorsements recently, so I wish to continue with the current endorsements we have on hand, such as Visit Korea, I hope we can continue with that.

If there is a chance for all members to act together, are you interested?
Chansung: I’m not sure…maybe an action film?

After the concert in Taiwan, 2PM will be bring their Asia Tour to the other countries in Asia such as Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.

2PM will be holding a Hi-Five session at 6PM tonight. Let’s wish them a good and beastly trip in Taiwan and also everyone to enjoy the concert!

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Source: 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Taiwan Press Conference
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