06 October 2011

[NEWS] 2PM’s Nichkhun revealed a new digital camera, Samsung MultiView MV 800


5th October 2011 17:00 at Paragon Fashion Hall, Nichkhun Horvejkul attended an opening show of new experience in photography through unique angles under the idea “change the view, enjoy every angle” by Sumsung MultiView MV800. A digital camera which allows for angle adjustment, in addition to touch screen.

Nichkhun first appeared singing My Valentine in easy-going style and greeted the audience before a mini-interview.

The interview:

MC: What’s the concept of this advertisement?
Samsung: It’s a camera that can capture photos in difficult angles. This is made easy with our view finder function.

MC: Why did you choose Nichkhun as the presenter?
Samsung: Because Nichkhun fits well with the product. He’s an admired superstar both in Thailand and foreign countries. He’s a modern person, talented and creative just like our camera.

MC: How do you feel about being the presenter?
Nichkhun: I’m glad and very honored to be the presenter for Samsung. Before I accepted the offer, they gave me the camera to play around. I loved it because I like taking photos in unconventional angles. It’s very easy, the camera turns the whole way.

MC: What was the atmosphere in the set?
Nichkhun: Very fun. The staff worked very fast. I took photos with the blue screen and ran around by myself. The main woman of the MV is very tall, 180cm like me, plus she was in heels, so I had to use a block to make myself taller.

Cut to behind the scene of the advertisement where he ran around with the blue screen. Fans let out some screaming when his intimacy with the main woman was shown.

MC: What’ the marketing strategy for the camera?
Samsung: It will reach the mass market. We are very proud of the events and road shows surrounding this product.
Nichkhun: This camera is all-rounded. It’s fun, creative and full of quality. It’s easy to take photos and you can edit photos too.

MC: What would you like to say to Thai fans?
Nichkhun: I heard about the flooding in Thailand and I felt sad. Let’s help each other a little by putting our effort and heart in to it. At the moment 2PM is going on an Asian Tour, and we are definitely coming to Thailand.


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