06 October 2011

[TRANS] Samsung Multiview Meet & Greet - Nichkhun's chat session with the fans, Khun reveals a few upcoming projects~

May be taken out with full credits.

Here are 2 different fancams, just different angles and qualities ;). We'll try to see if we can sub it, we have to ask permission first from the fancammers! :P But for now enjoy the translations! ^^

(0:03) MC: What should I call this section?
(0:04) Nichkhun’s secrets, don’t know what to call
(0:06) Does anyone like to ask anything special?
(0:12) Nichkhun is prepared to answer the questions to the fullest
(0:16) NK: Yes, any questions?
(0:18) MC: No one’s speaking, all are just taking photos
(0:21) Fan: …concert in Thailand?
(0:23) NK: Thai concert?
(0:25) Most probably next year
(0:22) I hope, its.. coming.. soon
(0:39) Fan: How about drama?
(0:42) NK: Drama…? How about movies?
(0:49) Wait a little while…
(0:50) Fan: Are you filming it in Japan?
(0:52) NK: There’s Japan and there’s also Thailand
(0:56) Watch out for good news soon
(1:00) Fan: When’s the concert?
(1:03) NK: Concert? Next year.
(1:06) Didn’t listen just now did you?
(1:12) Fan: Did you hurt your wrist?
(1:16) NK: It’s not hurting, just a little sore from dancing
(1:22) MC: What happened? How did it get hurt? Didn’t know about this.
(1:25) NK: Nothing much, there’s this one move in the dance where I have to jump
(1:31) MC: Just a little twisted
(1:34) Fan: Releasing Ultra Lover power
(1:36) MC: Release a little too much
(1:40) Fan: Is your facial skin getting better?
(1:42) NK: It’s getting better, I’m seeing doctors too
(1:50) NK: Ask something don’t be silent
(1:51) Fan: Have you eaten?
(1:52) NK: I have, I ate before I came here
(1:56) Fan: Are you tired?
(1:57) NK: No, not tired
(1:58) Fan: Flying all the time
(2:01) NK: I sleep on the plane
(2:07) Fan: I’m from Chiang Mai
(2:08) I see you take your friends to other places. I’d like you to take them to Chiang Mai too
(2:12) NK: I’d like to go too. But I don’t have time
(0:15) The last time I went was with a motorcycle...
(2:21) I’d like to go. Some people I know from the US would like to ask me too, but there’s no time
(2:29) Samsung should we go to Chiang Mai next time?
(2:31) Staff: OK
(2:36) NK: Everyone wants to go
(2:38) MC: We are taking everyone, who has more questions?
(2:43) Fan: Are you going to continue body building?
(2:50) NK: I’m…trying to maintain
(2:55) Fan: Now is good
(2:56) NK: …not any bigger
(3:00) Fan: Can you sing Ultra Lover’s chorus
(3:06) NK: Thing is my part is not the chorus
(3:10) Fan: Sing your part
(3:13) NK: The song is not out yet isn’t it?
(3:16) Fan: The teaser is out
(3:17) NK: Listen to the teaser then, it’s better listening on the internet
(3:21) Fan: When you come to Thailand you have to sing… I’m Your Man
(3:26) NK: Which song?
(3:27) Fan: I’m Your Man
(3:28) NK: Let me discuss with my friends first
(3:35) Fan: When are you coming to Thailand again?
(3:36) NK: Coming again when….?
(3:41) NK: Soon…
(3:45) the fan club should know my schedules better than be.
(3:51) It should be faster asking among yourselves.
(3:54) Fan: Can we ask about other members?
(3:56) NK: Yes
(3:58) Fan: How’s Taecyeon’s legs?
(3:59) NK: Better now, he can dance and jumping is fine
(4:04) NK: Have anyone seen.. the Ghost House ad?
(4:09) Fan: We’ve seeeen
(4:11) NK: Did you see him jump?
(4:13) Fan: Yeess, we saw you freaked out too
(4:13) NK: You can see that he’s fine then
(4:15) Fan: “Don’t come out” (NK’s murmured this in Thai in the ad)
(4:18) NK: It was scary..very scary
(4:19) Fan: I’d like to go to
(4:20) NK: Go and try
(4:22) Fan: Can you be the guide?
(4:25) NK: I’ll send you a map
(4:29) MC: All of us are going.
(4:31) The staff signaled for 2 more questions
(4:34) Make them the most special because they are going to be the last 2 questions for today
(4:39) All became silent. No one wants to ask. Did I put too much pressure?
(4:48) NK: Anyone at the back?
(4:54) Fan: The MBC concert…that the fans did the white glove project.
(4:58) The fan clubs together made it happen.
(5:01) NK: I did see, but…
(5:07) Fan: Was it pretty?
(5:08) NK: It was eye-catching
(5:12) NK: I heard the glove in the markets was sold out.
(5:17) Thank you so much.
(5:18) I’m not sure if the friends saw it too. They probably did.
(5:22) But because we were busy with filming our mind were not with us.
(5:31) MC: Sounds scary. Last question.
(5:36) Fan: Are you going to have solo work?
(5:38) NK: What work?
(5:39) Fan: Solo
(5:40) NK: Solo? Junsu said he will compose me a song
(5:47) He really said that he would like to compose me a song.
(5:51) But I don’t know, he just composed a new song.
(5:56) Fan: I’ve listened, the pics are really cool.
(5:58) Fan: Can you…Junsu pants (for us). The colours are piercing.
(6:01) NK: Can you what? Take off Junsu pants?
(6:05) Take off Junsu’s pants?
(6:06) Can you what?
(6:08) Fan: Compliment
(6:09) NK: Ah, compliment
(6:10) MC: Your thoughts go far
(6:14) Fan: Is the Oneday project possible?
(6:19) NK: I hope there will be..
(6:21) Fan: I’d like there to be an album
(6:23) NK: I hope there is but we are all busy. It’s a bit hard.
(6:33) MC: So, here’s the end of the question time.
The next section is the game time and they talked about pairing and game rules.


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