07 October 2011

[TRANS] 2PM・Wooyoung has completely turn in to a DJ!?

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2PM・Wooyoung has completely turn in to a DJ!?

In a BOOK in BOOK 『Kan★Star』at the end of the magazine All★Star Cover: Katou Miliyah, featuring 『Dream High』for the second week「2PM・Wooyoung Edition」has been introduced! This drama 『Dream High』where several Korean stars starting from 2PM starred as students of Kirin Arts School. With that I’ve decided to give some coverage of an inside story.

The protagonists of this drama are students that dream to debut as artists so Wooyoung-san has been taking pictures with accessories that are associated with music such as headphones and records.

Listening to music, after being given the cue Wooyoung-san gently picks up the record lying beside him. Then Wooyoung-san performed an ad-lib, pretending to be a DJ (pretending to scratch the record)! He acted it out with a funny expression which made all the staffs that are in charge of the event laughed. With Wooyoung-san’s DJ imitation the atmosphere of the entire place immediately became harmonic.

Furthermore, Wooyoung-san also acted like he was being troubled over which record he should choose while listening to the headphone with one ear. Because Wooyoung-san’s smart antics flew out one after another, the photo shoot ended nicely. Wooyoung-san was really service minded.

Please check out All★Star magazine where Wooyoung-san has made appearance in it by all means.

(Kim Noona)


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