23 October 2011

[TRANS] UP2U Magazine Issue #6 - October 2011 "Nichkhun…life, from all angles" (Part 1 of 2), ~a must read~

Nichkun…life, from all angles (Part 1/2)

Angle is defined as ‘point of view’. It is said...for an interesting person, their point of view and way of life are even more interesting. What do you think will happen, if we talk to an Asian superstar in many ‘angles’. The way he sees this world from his angles, the angles that no one has asked about, the angles unrevealed, the angles that people are waiting for, Nichkhun Horvejkul.

In his latest visit to Thailand as Samsung MultiView presenter, Nichkhun has a few exclusive events in line. He had less than 48 hours to spend in Bangkok before continuing his journey to promote the second album in various Asian countries. UP2U magazine was surprised to have had a chance to work with this friendly superstar, and we are grateful for this opportunity. Before the interview started, Nichkhun gave us a friendly smile. He told the staff “I’m very excited, because it’s been a while since I gave a long interview with the Thai media. I miss answering questions in Thai.” I noticed that when he speaks, he would call himself as “Khun” (translator comment: instead of I) and we could feel within minutes that this man is polite and very caring of all the people he works with. The glow or what is called ‘aura’ of this 23 year old shines to every corner of the room. Have you ever met anyone…who sits in front of you and makes you feel like there’s a spotlight on him for the next 20 minutes. He did not come here to sing or dance but he will sit down and answer the questions I’ve prepared. The questions to do with all of the ‘Angles’ of this Asian Superstar that many people do not know and questions that you’ve never heard him answer.

OK then…what can you do while adjusting your eyesight to those new angles? If Nichkhun was here, I guess he would tell you to “Put Your Hands Up”.

Up: You were a presenter for a camera in your latest advertisement. Do you like taking pictures in real life?
NK: Yes I do. I like keeping photos and memories. Like they say, only the images you’ve taken are left behind.

Up: What kind of pictures do you take?
NK: I have a camera with me all of the time. I like taking pictures in angles that other people don’t (laughs). Because photography is about individuality, I get creative in my own ways. Sometime I put the camera up high, sometime I take pictures from non-eyesight level (demonstrates), some other times I take pictures from a low angle. I’d show them to my friends and they’d ask “how did you do that” (smiles) “did you lie down on the floor or use a ladder? Couldn’t tell.” Like in the advertisement that was just released, I have fun taking photos in weird angles. The Samsung MultiView is suitable for my style of photography. People would wonder what camera I use.

Up: Do you like taking pictures of yourself? There are many self portraits of you on the internet.
NK: It is considered a part of Fan Service. If I see something I’d capture and post them. Sometimes I like to take my own pictures and post them. That’s why many of the self portraits are funny. I take photos and edit them too. This camera has an editing function, very convenient. We can edit the pictures ourselves, making our experience easier and more fun. It suits my lifestyle, making me want to take photos even more.

Up: Since you have been taken photos of for countless of time, is there a trick to make yourself look good?
NK: If I know where the camera is, I will try to not look at it. The photographer can take a good picture by himself.

Up: Just now, your mother said you visited a hospital before you arrived here.
NK: Last week my mother told me about a Breast Cancer project. Thailand ranks first in the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer. I was shocked when I found out and was concerned. So my mother asked me to support this project. I went to the hospital after I arrived to talk and give an interview with her. It was fun.

Up: When you come back to Thailand, reporters from Seoul follow you too. The impression is that you seem to spend time mostly with your family, it looks very relaxed.
NK: I rarely get to rest when I come to Thailand. I’m here often but it’s all work. On a good day, if work finishes early, I’ll be very happy (laughs). I get to spend that short time with my family, just a little makes me feel good. It’s like recharging myself. When I come to Thailand I mostly sleep in hotels and rarely at home. My mother or family will come and spend time with me. I really appreciate that.

Up: Wearing a “We love the King” wristband is the one thing many people appreciate and want to know about.
NK: My mother bought that wristband and told me to wear it. She told me about its origin and I was touched so I wore it ever since. I feel extremely proud to be Thai. I love the King, like other people. I wear it to any event. I wear it to invite other people to love the King, to express our love for the King. For me, this wristband also represents my love for Thailand. When I’m over there I always try to follow Thai news too.

Up: Your mother told us when you went to Hua Hin with your family, you told them to stop the car. Everyone was confused. What happened?
NK: Yes, yes (smiles). We were passing a large flyover, if you go to Hua Hin often you might know. On the flyover said “we” followed by a heart then “the King”. It was adorable. The car already passed and I said stop stop. People in the car were confused. I ran back a very long way to take that picture. I want more people to see this image. I ran until I was panting to take it and posted it on Twitter.

Up: Today you are an idol for young people all over Asia. We’d like to know how idols motivate themselves?
NK: I’d think of my family; father, mother, people who love me. Would you believe that no matter how rich, how poor, how talented, no matter what kind a person is, there will always be someone who loves them and gives them support. For me, I know who they are and I’d think about them first.

Up: Has this kind of thought occurred to you for a long time?
NK: It was long ago. This was one of the turning points in my life. The 3 years spent as JYP trainee was tough and harsh. It disregarded all my past and presented a new beginning. I had an urge to quit all the time though. If I quit, I’m alright…. but there will be people who are disappointed in me. Working here taught me that if I fail, I’m ruined. But I’m not the only one who falls. Both the body and soul of people I love will fall with me. But if I can run, if I can jump, if I get stronger, the people here (thumps his heart with his fist) will also be stronger.

Up: You have a belief
NK: Because other people believe in me. The many years that I’ve traveled, I’ve met all sorts of people. I think that, deep down, idols do not do live for their own selves. They live for other people, they live to make others happy, they live for those who love them, they live to give more than to receive. Their successes, and the audience’s joy, come from commitment in practice. I did not have that before. I know where I came from. I had to search for it and build it. Because I’m a performer I have to deliver my message, that’s when I must have a belief.

Up: What did the JYP founder, Park Jin Young, say to you?
NK: He told me a lot of things and I learned a lot from him. He told everyone in the agency to not waste your time in sleeping, eating or playing around. Our duty is to make the most of our time.

Up: What else did he tell you?
NK: Since from the first days I went in, he told me that being an artist, you should not act like a virtuous person.

Up: Why is that so?
NK: Because trying to act virtuous is not good. Honestly, entertainers have to build an image: that I’m a good person and all, but if we are not truly like that, our true selves will slip out in images and videos. There are plenty of people following us, what do we have left then. Don’t be that kind of person, just be a good person. A good, honest person. Nothing can bring us down when we have this. Think like a good person, act like a good person. A thief can disguise as a priest and pretend to be virtuous. One day people will find out he is a thief and that will bring him down.

Up: Just like your name, Nichkhun, meaning a person who has virtue as the pillar.
NK: I have to thank my father and mother for that.

Up: How hard do 2PM have to practice still?
NK: Easy way of thinking, one show is one month practice.

Up: What’s the focus on your work right now?
NK: This period I spend more time abroad than in Korea. The group is on an Asian tour in many countries. We have work in Japan, China, and many performances for the promotion of Hands Up album.

Up: Fans would probably like to know how you live when you are on tour.
NK: Lack of sleep (laughs). We have to manage our time in travelling, preparing, performing and fanmeeting. Before a song is released, we work very hard. We practice so that it’s runs through our blood. When the time comes everything will work out. Let’s say we practice until it becomes instinct. Our work cycle is practice until 2am, then stay in the recording room until 6am, meet again at 9am, put on makeup, do our hair, then continue working. We sleep for only 3 hours, and we do that for many weeks.

Up: Have you ever thought for a moment why you are doing this.
NK: For those waiting for us, for work.

Up: You said in an interview that if you are not working, you would like to relax and walk around in flipflops. Have you had a chance to do that in Seoul or Bangkok?
NK: (laughs loudly) Yes, I’ve had. But I cannot get myself to do it (beams). On days that I’m quite free, I’d exercise, hit the gym, or practice and correct in areas where I’m not satisfied with myself. If we think we have time, we should not waste it. I’ve turned into a workaholic. I say this because experience taught me that as a performer, we must be both physically and mentally ready. When we have time we should prepare physically.

... to be continued ...

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