23 October 2011

[NEWS] New York Daily News: 5 Must-Hear K-Pop Groups

New York Daily News ran an article about Hallyu and the SM Town concert in NYC today, and they ended the article with a "5 Must-Hear K-Pop Groups" list, in which Big Bang is included. Here's the list:

Ready to dip your toe into the Korean Wave? Here are the top five South Korean acts that will help immerse you in the world of K-Pop:


Unlike other Korean girl groups who capitalize on sex appeal or being saccharine and cutesy, this group rose to the top of the charts for their anthems on girl power and boy bashing. When they aren't dominating the charts in Korea and Japan, the group — Dara, Bom, Minzy and leader CL — are making a statement in the fashion world. Often described as "fierce," this fearless foursome express their style through fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Proenza Schouler, Balmain and Jeremy Scott, who has become one of the band's biggest supporters. Catch them repping South Korea as one of the Best Bands of the World nominated by MTV Iggy.
Download this: "I Am the Best," a catchy electronic beat with a bass-friendly undertone.

Big Bang

After debuting their signature hip-pop sound in 2006, the five-member team dominated the South Korean charts and later did the same in Japan. First topping the charts with the upbeat single "Lies," the band has since become one of Asia's most recognizable acts. And with a collaboration with Major Lazer's Diplo on one song by members G-Dragon and T.O.P. called "Knockout," it seems like Asia's not the only place they're receiving attention.
Download this: "Tonight," a perfect mélange of rock and electronica with a bumping beat.

Super Junior

How do you get attention from tween girls everywhere? Stick as many good-looking guys as possible on a stage. The 12-member Super Junior has already been deemed one of South Korea's biggest "hallyu" groups by the BBC and they have a far reach of fans from Slovenia to Peru, where they were named one of the 30 "Sexiest Men in the World." Their heavy pop tracks and slick dance moves have already made them nationwide sensations with an international presence.
Download this: "Sorry, Sorry," a heavy pop track that comes with entertaining choreography that was once a South Korean craze.


While other boy bands captured attention through their pretty-boy images, this group capitalizes on their masculine look. Each member sports six-pack abs, regularly revealed onstage to the delight of thousands of screaming fans. The six-member group focuses on heavy acrobatics and intricate dance moves and has become almost Chippendale-like — without the cheesy bow ties.
Download this: "Heartbeat," a dramatic track that starts out with a melancholy piano riff.


The Backstreet Boys in their heyday have nothing on this band. After some member drama last year, where three performers decided to leave, the two survivors, Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho, carried on. With tight choreography and impressive pipes, this dynamic duo has become the epitome of K-Pop: slick dance moves, stellar musical productions and big voices to boot.
Download this: "Before You Go," a soft ballad that showcases just how refined and beautiful voices in Korean pop music can be.

Read the full article here.

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