23 December 2011

Nichkhun who you can see all over downtown Bangkok, "Thai Prince" is correct

"Thai Prince" Nichkhun (2PM) is one of the most popular stars in Korea, but to the Thai people he has a different meaning. In Korea he symbolises a "Korean Dream" success story as an entertainer, but in Thailand he's also an "educated and well-brought up model".

Nichkhun's popularity and attractive points are down to his mother's method of education. The fact that Nichkhun is the second of 4 siblings has become well-known. As well as having one older brother, he also has two younger sisters; his brother Nichan is working with VJ in Thailand, and his first younger sister Yanin is working as a model. They are known and envied by their fans in Korea as having "superior genes".

But in Thailand there's another aspect to these siblings' reputation; they are all attractive and polite to other people. Anyone who's come into contact with them after their overseas activities can say that they are always "good-natured and kind". This is the reason that they are attracting the attention of mothers in Thailand; 3 of the siblings are in the entertainment industry, and so the secret of how they were raised so well has become a talking point.

Thailand's tourist authority officials said that "When raising children, natural ability and effort varies so there will always be differences between them. But even though they are different, Nichkhun and his siblings are all involved with show business. This is becoming an example for the mothers of Thailand".

It is also possible to see the reason why, for the various product CFs that Nichkhun has modelled for within Thailand, stock prices have risen; his handsome appearance and his situation as a successful foreign singer in Korea.

If you walk around downtown Bangkok, "advertisement model" Nichkhun's image is easy to find. Billboards with Nichkhun holding a basket filled with chicken broth products and smiling widely catch your eye here and there on the streets. These billboards are also brightly lit at night so can be seen 24 hours a day.

Global brand Samsung are unrolling marketing plans appointing Nichkhun as the model for their products. A life-size cardboard cut-out of Nichkhun promoting Samsung cameras stands in the electronics department of the large mall "Siam Paragon Department Store" on Bangkok's main shopping street.

And Bangkok's waxwork museum "Madam Tussauds" is also displaying a waxwork of Nichkhun. "Madam Tussauds" is the biggest waxwork museum chain in the world, with exhibitions in not only Bangkok but London, New York, Hollywood, LA, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Washington DC, and Berlin.

Nichkhun is now rubbing shoulders with stars already in the museum such as Michael Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Jackie Chan. He's also only the second Hallyu star to have a waxwork made of him, after Bae Yong-Joon.

Meeting Nichkhun here and there on the streets of Bangkok as a Korean traveler is a very refreshing experience.

[Photos] Meeting the Thai-born idol star Nichkhun on the streets of Bangkok is very easy. The waxwork of Nichkhun at "Madame Tussauds" with a guide posing next to it, the billboard advertising the waxwork at the museum. Beneath that is shoppers taking pictures of the cardboard cut-out of Nichkhun advertising Samsung Cameras in Bangkok's Siam Paragon Department Store's electronics section, and the billboard of Nichkhun that you can find all over downtown.

Source: Osen | Kor-Eng: buckme @2pmalways


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