07 December 2011

[TRANS] 2PM in Singaporean Magazine I-Weekly

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Article Scan by GANGKHUN

The beastly boyband 2PM held a concert filled with hot dances and energetic songs that caused Hottest (2PM’s official fan club name) to become high for an entire night for the first time here in Singapore. Other than their popular songs such as “Put Your Hands Up” and “I’ll Be Back”, the group as had solo performances and even performances in pairs. While other members impressed the crowd with their singing and dancing skills, Chansung was the only one who performed a unique sword dance, impressing every single fan at the concert.

Other than chatting with their fans, one of the highlights of the concert was when a video of the playful side of the 2PM members were revealed. One of the most hilarious contents of the video is when it was revealed that Taecyeon wants to be the comic artist of OKCat. A Japanese Hottest also sewed an OKCat for Taecyeon, causing him to be so happy that he brought it everywhere he went.


An interview with the six beastly yet mischievous members of 2PM who kept joking non-stop. 2PM’s secrets delivered to you by I-Weekly!

1. What talented Junsu always has with him when he is composing… “Cell phone! I always record my works in my cell phone to start with before working on it at our practise rooms.”

2. Nichkhun, who can’t go to crowded places frequently due to his rising popularity, reveals some ‘secrets’, “Since we’re very tall, we get recognized very easily on the streets despite trying to hide ourselves. Therefore, we have to choose the right time and place when we want to go out. I go to the Han River frequently since people there are always busy exercising so they don’t notice me.”

3. All 6 beastly idols actually have a cute side of them when they are off-stage. Nichkhun also revealed that the most adorable member is actually the tall and muscular Taecyeon. The interviewers then requested Taecyeon to do something cute, but he rejected. According to them, they don’t show the cute side of them to others but the fellow members of 2PM.

4. Wooyoung, who was chosen by his fellow members as the member with the most male fans, expressed that he did not understand why by saying, “No matter what activity it is, I’m always the one with the most male fans. I have no idea why either.”


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