15 December 2011

[TRANS] Baila Magazine ~ "2PM Company roles", via JUNKAYSTREET


Public relations department
Mr.Public relations who is known outside company as well by his good speech skill and leadership which can over come at any situation. He is sometimes left the host at the company's event by his high talking skill. He is a well-balanced person at 2PM company.

Brand Department
He has the experience that gathered up big business to the clients in overseas with his weapon for the high linguistic ability which was cultivated by the life in America and his fashion sense filled with the originality.
As he is openhearted and generous, very helpful at a banquet.

Systems Development Department
He is well acquainted with not only the programming language but also Thai, English and Korean.
The person who meets him is charmed with his gentle simile and European and American style manner.
Infrastructure in the firm is his main duties, but there are many his fans regardless of inside and outside the company.

Marketing Department
He always look around carefully, so he senses it what kind of product and service the customer wants, then analyzes it calmly.
There are many hit projects which was born from that. He has a cute smile but a manly side of him, he is a tough guy who accomplish what he decided once.

Sales Department
He is a physically strong salesman who has an article " Take a legwork to sell". He looks so grown up because of his athletic build, but actually he is new face who just entered the company.
He is a hard worker with openness and charm as well, so he is loved by a business partner and the senior of other departments.

Planning Department
As he analyzes a former trend keenly for several years and contributes for the growth of the company with sorting eyes checking a plan in the company strictly, is well trusted by the president.
In fact, he is a music expert writing words and music as his hobby.


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