15 December 2011

[TRANS] Haru*Hana Vol 008 Chansung Interview


First Appearance in a Japanese Drama!

PROFILE: Born February 11th 1990. 184cm. Blood Type B. Until now appeared in [Unstoppable High Kick] and [Jungle Fish] in Korea.

It would be great if he showed us fancy movements through action.

Chansung, who is appearing in a Japanese drama at the same time as fellow 2PM member Taecyeon. He diligently explained his feelings at the moment in Japanese. [At first I worried "Can I do it properly?" but the other members supported me saying "if it's you you can do it" so now I'm frantically trying to do so.]

His splendid physical beauty and dynamic action is also a spectacle.
[There is a lot of fancy movement. When an enemy is defeated, if the people who are watching feel good then I'll be happy!]
The drama producer praiised him saying, [Chansung, even without explaining his body remembers the action, it's amazing]
[It's not right away, it takes a few times~ yes! Even so I can do it (laughter)]

If we're talking about action, Chansung has even shown his kendo off live in Seoul.
[When it's live, the song and the dance are the main things so I thought maybe even the fans wouldn't get tired of it (laughter). In the time I was showing this action, I thought that if they could take a break, the afternoon class' mood would rise. [T/N: Afternoon class = 2PM, Morning class = 2AM] Also there was the "I can do this kind of thing too" appeal as well. Expect a live performance in Japan too]

Positive and focused, even when he's busy when he said he was focused on improving his body. When Taecyeon goes to the gym he said they play Taecyeon Song and dance (The song that they play when Taecyeon appears at the gym. A song that is usually played at 登場曲, baseball, etc when atheletes appear/ When they know Taecyeon himself is coming they play it and he comes in, a song they blast at the gym like "I'm here", if Taecyeon enters to let the gym know they play this song.) but is there also a Chansung song?

[Ah- certainly, when that song comes on I know "Taecyeonie hyung is here". I don't have a song like that and I run full force all the way to the place the trainer is at and I say a lot of greetings. Why did it turn out like that? I don't even know but, maybe...i'm happy? (laughter). Even the trainer is surprised sometimes. He says "You ran here again!" (laughter)]

You said an actor you liked is Christian Bale. If I asked what Japanese actor you'd want to work with...
[ I liked "Hotaru's Light" (HOTARU NO HIKARI) so I'd like to act with Ayasei Haruka-shi. Since "Kaito~" has me in it, after only 4 years I'm appearing in a drama. Please watch the action!!]

Q: An item you'd want to sneak into a 2PM member's room and steal?
I'd want to steal the mini fridge in Taecyeon's room. You can't fit anything but drinks in there but...For Junsu hyung rather than steal something I'd want to play a prank on him (laughter). Nichkhun hyung~ There isn't anything I want to steal from him-. Instead I'd just want to give him hats that are too small for me (laughter). Then Nichkhun hyung would say "These have increased!? (laughter)

Source: Haru*Hana Jan 2012
Scanned by: neru @ W2D
Translated by 셩@ treasure house (JP-Kor) & mcheller @ W2D (Kor-Eng)


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