28 December 2011

[TRANS] Fine January 2012 Q & A, Nichkhun

Q-1. What kind of character were you in your school days in America?
A. I was really shy (laughter) and couldn't do well in front of others. At that time I dreamed of being a chef!

Q-2. How do you build up your muscles?
A. I'm not one who puts on weight easily and I always eat things that are good for my body. And everyday for two hours at a time I do what training I can.

Q-3. Japanese food you like?
A. Ramen and Sushi! Since I was young I liked Japanese food so even when I was living in Thailand I went to Japanese restaurants often.

Q-4. What's your impression of Japanese women?
A. There are a lot of cute people. It seems like everyone has a lot of aegyo.

Q-5. So is there a Japanese artist that you like?
A. I've really like Utada Hikaru for a long time. Her singing voice in "First Love" is really good.

Q-6. What kind of woman is your type?
A. Because we're really busy women who are very understanding are good. And since my mom would always tell me "rather than someone who'll become a good wife, look for someone who'll become a good mother" I think that's my ideal type.

Q-7. Pretty soon it'll be Christmas, what is your ideal Christmas date?
A. First a romantic dinner. After that, buying hot chocolate and going to an outdoor ice rink, then while skating pretend to fall and kiss her (laughter)

Q-8. Out of 2PM, who do you think is cool?
A. Taecyeon is cool, Junsu is fun, Junho is stylish

Q-9. Out of all the members what do you think you're the best at?
A. Thai

Q-10. Since Nichkhun is there what kind of group is 2PM?
A. The member's individual styles are really different. We have sincere times and earnest times and fun times too, we're a group with a lot of variety!

Source: Fine Magazine January 2012
Scanned by @narumi521 & @rak_khun0624 (rest of the scans posted here)
JP-KR trans from Kobkhunka, KR-ENG by mcheller @ Wild2Day.org


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