28 December 2011


  • For more info on Gallup Korea go here. Basically the Gallup poll/survey results shows how popular/recognized a group/artist is in Korea.
  • 2PM was on the 3rd spot for 2009 and the 2nd spot for 2010. Recent drop in rank could be attributed to their lack of activities in Korea this year since they've been concentrating in Japan.
  • For the Song of the Year/Song Ranking category, Again & Again was on the 4th spot for 2009 & 2AM's Can't Let You Go Even If I Die was on the 3rd spot for 2010.

2011’s 10 biggest singers according to Gallup? Girls generation wins first place for a third consecutive year.

Korea’s Gallup took a poll of Koreans age 13-59 (3,401 people) asking them to choose the best 3 singers of the year. With 26.1% Girls Generation won first place for the third year in a row.

1. Girls Generation (26.1%) – With “the boys” they had the best song on Music Bank for 6 weeks. They were popular with all ages (teens to 50s) and their Japanese cd and dvd sales made it up to 5th place (included Japanese artists)
2. Big Bang (8.2%) – After 3 years their new song “Tonight” still had a good reception. Even with all their incidents this year their popularity is strong.
3. Jang Yoonjung (6.9%) – With his Hawaiian style trot song “olleh” he grabbed this spot.
4. Kim Bumsoo (6.3%) – This is the first time he’s made the list, he debuted a long time ago but regained popularity through the tv program “I’m a singer”
5. IU (6.0%) – She had the song of the year with “Good Day”
6-9. 6th place and 8th place, Im Jaebum and Park Junghyun also debuted a long time ago and regained popularity through “I’m a singer”.
Tied for 6th with Im Jaebum is 2PM with their song “Put Your Hands Up”
Tied for 8th with Park Junghyun is T-ara with “Roly Poly”
10. Wonder girls – who have returned to Korea after a year and six months

Girls Generation with first place are the “Nation’s Idols” of 2011

For those in their teens, the top singers were Big Bang, Beast, Infinite, etc (male idol groups). For those in their 30-40s, the top singers were Kim Bumsoo, Im Jaebum, Park Junghyun, etc (singer-songwriters). For those in their 50s, Jang Yoonjung, Tae Jinah, Song Daegwan, etc (trot singers)

Song of the year:

1. IU - “Good Day” (3.9%) It was also the most sung song in noraebangs.
2. T-ara - exciting disco song “Roly Poly” (3.3%)
3. Girls Generation - “The Boys” (2.7%)
4. CN Blue - title song from their third album “Intuition” (2.6%)
5. Sistar - “So Cool” (2.1%)

The top 5 songs of 2011 were dominated by girl groups this year.
Sixth place went to Big Bang with “Tonight”, then seventh to Infinite’s “Be Mine”. Eighth went to the year’s most downloaded music video, Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby”. Ninth went to Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” and tenth went to Kim Bumsoo’s remake of “Please”.

This year’s best rookie male group went to Infinite with 5.8% and best rookie female group went to Dal Shalbet with 4.2%.

Source: http://www.newswire.co.kr/newsRead.php?no=593303&ected=
Summarized by: mcheller @ W2D

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