20 February 2012

[News] Nichkhun gets offended with Block B's interview

2PM's Nichkhun and fellow members left criticizing tweets toward Block B's controversial interview.

On February 19th, Nichkhun tweeted, “The people who thoughtlessly comment on the flood damages in Thailand, I feel offended as a person of Thai nationality. And rather than acting thoughtlessly when you come to Thailand, you should have respect towards the country and have the attitude to recognize it in a rightful manner.”

During an interview for Thai online media RYT9’s ‘New Artist- Block B in Thailand’, Block B made an inappropriate comment about a flood in Thailand. In the video clip, Block B said, “Hope the monetary compensation helps to heal your hearts. We got nothing but money. About 7,000 KRW (a little less than $7)?”, with their easy-going attitude. Such statements and actions have been criticized as insensitive creating a buzz online.

2PM members, Junho and Chansung also left messages. Junho stated, “I will not mention any names but the action and the attitude was very embarrassing as a Korean myself. Such action not only affects the person but also makes the people around them look bad. Just know that and behave. I’m saying this as a human being and as a senior artist.”

Chansung said, “No matter how hard you try not to be careless, it happens sometimes. However, being inconsiderate and acting as if you are better than others is not being careless but just proves what kind of person you are. You should be ashamed.”


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