28 February 2010

SASAENG FAN ACCOUNTS[**prepare yourself before reading**]

Translated sasaeng fan accounts.28Feb10

These are all different accounts written by sasaeng fans (fans who stalk their idols almost 24/7. The ones who are pretty actually get to sleep with their idols sometimes, if they get lucky.) These are all old fan accounts that were never revealed because the fans wanted to protect their idols’ images, but after the JYPE conference, they’re all coming out one by one. A majority of these are true fact, some are just rumors. Up to you to believe them, but the k-hottests communities already have these widespread and they know more than anyone else what these idols do when they’re not on camera.

http://pds16.egloos.com/pds/201001/31/33/c_33.swf – A fancam of the Hanami CF behind the scenes. Taec dumps all his bags in Jay’s arms and leaves. wooyoung glances at him, but doesn’t help.

http://go2.wordpress.com/?id=725X1342&site=insider2pm.wordpress.com&url=http%3A%2F%2Ffile.beautynet.co.kr%2Fupdata3%2FBBS%2FFreeBoard%2F1267354095_m.JPG – Jay sleeps in the corner by himself with no blanket underneath, just a pillow.

http://i48.tinypic.com/30df28x.png – photos of the members with girls / at clubs & trashed gifts from fans

http://video.nate.com/211002229 – Khun being ignored by the other members and later gets called “Kwon” when they leave him

Junsu, Junho and Wooyoung always complained whenever Jay told them they had to go practice after a performance.

When the boys were doing Again & Again, JYP used to call individual members for a talk whenever they made a mistake.
Then he called Jaebeom and said things like “You bastard, this went wrong cuz of you. You’re the leader.” and so on.
Then Jaebeom would tell the members “We should try harder and do a better job” and they just joked around and refused to listen.

After Jay’s controversy, they planned on making a Wild Bunny Season 2 but it never happened.
A Wild Bunny writer said that Junho’s a real jerk,
Chansung’s completely different when the camera’s off,
Taec’s actually kinda smart and not as stupid as he seems but an ass, and Junsu’s not that close with the members.

When Jay didn’t have a scheduled event, he always went to practice or to the gym.
In between, he takes breaks and goes to Smoothie King.
He always ordered drinks and added protein.
He cares for his body and doesn’t smoke or drink.
He doesn’t even like coffee.
Yet, there were rumors that the “privacy matter” concerns problems with drugs.

Even the stalkers cant find anything wrong with his private life.
He was the cleanest idol group member ever.
Honestly, no one can be as clean as him.
When others went to the club to celebrate birthdays, he didn’t go.

While they were trainees, Taecyeon, Junho, Kwon and Jay went to a Korean restaurant together.
Jay couldn’t eat anything because he still couldn’t adjust to the food here.
Then Junho and Taec said “Wtf, you’re Korean but you can’t even eat the food?”
Because they said that, Jay tried to eat the food and threw up.
They kept working him up by saying more things.
Jay kept eating more and threw up more.
Kwon felt bad for him so he bought him a burger.
Taec and Junho said “Why did you buy that for him? You should just let him starve.”
**Omo how heartless are they. woah, my blood pressure is going high right now!--pinkbunny

Kwon has been by Jay’s side since the beginning.
even now he says that he gets teary thinking about Jay.
Fans say that they dont even think Kwon knew anything about this “scandal.” (Obviously because there is no scandal.)

Kwon and Khun were the only honest, whole-hearted ones.
There’s no such thing as OneDay.
Kwon was also warned that the 2AM album better do well or else…
Why do you think the “Jaebeom is permanently out of JYPE” articles got published on the day 2AM got 1st on the music chart?
They’re trying to kill 2AM too.
If 2AM rebels against JYPE, that’s a whole new problem so it’s like a team kill.

The only person who is clean in 2PM besides Jay is Khun.

Wooyoung hasn’t been affected by Jay’s departure.
We heard he kept crying for Jay but he cried because he was dumped by his girlfriend.
Wooyoung, the guy who insisted that he has never dated, isn’t really all that innocent.
He had a new girlfriend right when Jay left, and he has another new one now.
On his Cyworld diary when he wrote something like ‘I really miss you,’ he was talking about his girlfriend.
How funny would he have found the fans who left comments like “We miss Jay too!”

Taec’s brought girl idols and sasaeng fans to the dorm late at night to sleep with them.
He has the dirtiest “private life” and the most twisted girl relationships.

After the vacation time in January, a fan was on the same train heading up to Seoul as wooyoung. (she found out his train time on purpose.) He was on the phone the whole train ride. The fan asked for a signature and he gave one. She asked for a picture and said he wasnt allowed to. zthe fan listened to the phone call and Wooyoung was talking to his girlfriend who was probably a trainee because he said things like ‘Hurry up and debut, I’m at the top right now. I’ll be waiting for you at the top so hurry up and debut.’

From a sasaeng fan:
This was when JYP said the boys won’t appear in programs after Jay left.
We were the only ones by their house and heard Junho, Khun and Chansung.
We were hiding behind a car and watching carefully when we sort of heard Junho and Chansung laugh.
Khun was kind of smiling too but we couldn’t really see and hear.Then they got closer and we could hear their voice.

Chansung: Hahahaha, it’s fucking funny.
Junho: Be quiet, what if they’re here? (referring to sasaeng fans)
Chansung: Fuck, what the hell? Even at this time? So annoying.
Khun: ….Fan? (frowning slightly, didn’t quite understand what they were talking about)Chansung: Eh, I don’t know~ It’s cold let’s go inside!
Khun: Did you just talk about our fans? (Sounds angry, he just understood that the two boys were laughing and talking about fans.
Khun was smiling cuz he thought they were joking about other things)
Then Junho slammed Khun’s head with the 1.5 liter plastic bottle in his hand that had some soft drink left inside.
Khun was like “Ah! What was that?” and Junho laughed his head off.
It could’ve been a joke but Khun was upset and rubbing his head when Chansung joined in the laughter.
I really like Khun so I unconsciously said “Ah!…” and Junho saw us.
He said “Oh fuck…” and cursed the fans quietly to himself and they all hurried inside.
(P.S. in Thai culture, the head is very sacred. Parents get annoyed when people even pat their kids’ on the head. And Junho hit Khun on the head with a freaking plastic bottle. -_-)

During their trainee days Taec called Jay a Yankee (this is a common deragatory word Koreans use for Americans) because he couldnt eat Korean food or speak Korean.
He and Chansung said things like that when walking out of a restaraunt and as soon as Jay walked out, they quickly linked arms with him and laughed and pretended to be friendly.

Taec and Junsu hit Khun a lot.

A fan met Wooyoung and Junho at a club. They went into a room with girls who were known to be sluts. Who knows what they did in there.

When 2PM was doing “10 out of 10″ Junho used to order all the food that Jay couldn’t eat.

during a recording of a music show, a fan saw a rookie group being ignored by junsu.

From someone whose uncle works for JYPE:Their whole “image” was “beast idols who are really a bunch of stupid cute funny boys.”However, it was all an act. Taec with his teeth and Wooyoung as the cutie?All an act. (Wow, they are great actors then. They’ve fooled probably over 500,000 fans worldwide.)

When Junho held seven fingers and the fans thought it was for Jay, he said “I was just holding the mic” Taecyeon responded to that saying “you guys [the fans] just created the whole story”

Junho complained that Jaebeom used a lot of closet space. (There is a video of this.)
He was the one who cleaned out Jaebeom’s things when he left.
A fan went to Seattle to visit Jay and give him winter clothes.
The fan said “I don’t know if Jay will like these clothes” and his mother said “Jay always likes what his fans give him. He’ll make good use of the clothes. He didn’t get to bring many clothes from Korea…”

During a music stage, after G-Dragon won an award (probably one of the weekly music chart or something like that) he went around bowing to everyone. He even bowed to Junsu, who walked right past him. It seemed like a mistake and that Junsu was really saying hi to someone else and didn’t see, but the people Junsu was walking towards didn’t even see him. GD was a little surprised but just turned to his fans and smiled.

During School of Rock, Taec and Chansung got phone numbers of college girls. Taec texted her a few times and stopped. Chansung changed his number.

While Chansung was doing High Kick, there was a friend who lived closeby him and they saw each other often. After Chansung’s popularity rose from high kick, he started ignoring that friend and even physically pushed him/her away. Once High Kick ended and his popularity kinda died down, Chansung saw that same friend again and called their name and ran towards them and acted super friendly. The friend screamed and ran away.

The new album was named 1:59 to signify a new beginning without Jay.It wasn’t to show that Jay was missing or that they were waiting for him.

“My friend is a club addict. We went to a club together one night and met Junho and Wooyoung. People say that the two go to clubs a lot. That night we got to hang out together. My friend is pretty and has a nice body. She had a one night stand with Jang Wooyoung. She was always a fan of Wooyoung and after that night she’s more of a fan.”

After Jay left, for a pretty long amount of time, Wooyoung never smiled or looked happy on music programs or during Inkigayo. Sasaengs found this out by following him around. They couldn’t go inside the waiting rooms, so instead they just put their ear to the door. They could barely hear anything else than Wooyoung’s loud laughter. As soon as he opened the door and came out, his face looked serious and sad.

When Chansung was young (underage), he used to date an ulzzang named Jo EunAe.
Alcohol and cigarettes were a given and the two slept together.
Jo EunAe doesn’t really keep secrets and even left while hanging out with friends in the morning because Chansung wanted to ‘do it.’
How can he possibly talk badly about Jay’s “privacy matters” when he can’t even take care of his own.

The day Jay’s controversy started Wooyoung and Junho got drunk together and told Jay to fuck off.
The two also said to Jay ‘our lives are ruined because of you.’ Wooyoung hasnt apologized. Junho has.

Khun used to have a girlfriend in Thailand until “Again & Again.”
When he had a hard time when Jay left, it wasn’t because of Jay but because of a break-up.
He knows how good-looking he is and loves being treated like royalty.
But he is still the best one out of 6PM. Oh, but he smokes.

When Wooyoung says he has never had a girlfriend, it’s the biggest bullshit.
In high school, he used to date a girl from a nearby school.
He was really happy when Jay left because that meant more parts for him.
He LOVES girls and shows it.
After Jay left he went on countless “meetings” with girls and has a girlfriend currently.
His personality makes one speechless.
He has had fillers in his nose twice and gets injected often.
Yet he acts like he has never had plastic surgery…

Junho almost got kicked out of JYP because of his attitude.
He’s a jerk and he acts tough.But on Strong Heart, he cried and made up some fancy story.
When the Myspace incident broke out, Wooyoung and Junho went to Jay and said “You ruined our lives! Fuck off!”
Junho apologized but Wooyoung never did.
He also had a filler in his nose. His nose was really flat without it.
He often makes crude, sexual jokes to ladies.
Since his debut, he’s had a girlfriend nicknamed ‘Deer’ who he’s thanked in the first and second albums

Junsu has nothing to say about “privacy matters” either.
He loves clubbing and girls.
He always begs YangGeng (2NE1 stylist) and GD to meet with him and introduce him to more people.
G-Dragon usually looks down on Junsu and isn’t that close with him.
Junsu was one of the happiest when Jaebeom left.
He went out shopping with friends and showed off that he might even have a solo now that Jaebeom was gone.

On the day Jaebeom left, the 2PM house was really loud with musicand there seemed to be a party. The girls who lived nearby joked and said“Maybe they’re actually happy about Jay’s departure.” It was true.

After the second time “Again & Again” got first on Mnete, 2PM celebrated and went to a club.
Jaebeom came to the door but said he’ll go to the gym instead.
Taecyeon and Junsu gave him a lot of shit…
Jaebeom came back to pick the boys up after working out�and talked to the people nearby while drinking Vita 500 (vitamin supplement).
A friend I know worked as valet parking and saw him give people his autograph and say “I shouldn’t go inside.. I ruin the mood.” and that he really wa Jaebeom of 2PM.
The friend asked him “Where were you?”
Jay said “I worked out.. and ate dinner”
This is why I trust Jay.
Then the boys came out of the club drunk as hell.
When the manager came to pick them up he asked Jay,
“Were you here all this time?
Why didn’t you call?”
Jay said something like “Yeah… I thought you guys might be tired…”

In the a&a days, on Star Golden Bell, Jay asked,
“The members don’t listen to me.. What can i do do make my team listen to me?”No one knew he was actually serious.

Junsu had a scandal with a Thai artist (Waii. a minor.) Junsu denied the scandal so much that fans just shielded him. Too bad there’s a picture, Junsu (: �

Wooyoung said in front of fans ‘Jaebeom’s not even coming back why are you even doing stuff like this? why are you sympathizing with Park Jaebeom that mo****f***er.’
Kwon got fed up and went to a cafe with him and told him ‘You cant be like this’ while they ate green tea shaved ice. Wooyoung said ‘fine’ and told him to buy him some ice cream.

“It was my friend’s birthday so we got a room in a club to party. 2PM was there and they had a room too. I didn’t know at first but their backs looked familiar and I realized it was 2PM. I took a picture first but then I realized that the leader wasnt there. They had a lot of fun. I watched them more and they all went to the first floor and drank and danced some more. My friend is a good dancer. She did some waves and it felt like people were staring at her so we looked and it was 2PM… One of the tall members came and started dancing with her and the other members danced with us too. We just danced together and they said they had fun and went back into their room.

Said by someone who used to be a sasaeng fan for Wonder Girls. She knew 6PM before they made their debut:

1. Dirtiest lifestyle
2. Not close to male idol groups. Everyone hates Taec besides OneDay.
3. Only close to girl groups (knows the phone numbers of most of them)
4. When he’s happy he’s real nice but when he’s mad he spits at sasaeng fans and more.

My friend was eating ramen in front of the 2PM apartment and Junsu came out.
Friend: “Hi oppa.”
Junsu: “Yeah.”
Friend: “Oppa, how’s your vocal practicing going?”
Junsu: “That doesn’t concern you. Just eat your ramen or some shit.”
Friend’s friend: “That’s a bit harsh”
Junsu: “In the time you use to care for me, erase your makeup.”

1. In the convenience store near the JYPE building, Chansung and Taec were eating together. When his eyes met with my friend’s, she said hi reluctantly. Then he screamed at her to go away when she didn’t even come to see him in the first place.
2. When sasaeng fans are eating ice cream in the summer, he makes them buy him ice cream as well.

Nice. (No special incident… Even Jay said so. The nice ones are usually quiet)

1. The rumor that he passed out crying when Jay left.(true, but the real reason is because he got dumped by his girlfriend)
2. Jay treated Wooyoung well from the beginning but he was more interested in getting the spotlight.At first, Khun was the most popular and got the most shots on camera.Wooyoung always stood next to him to take advantage of that.Then when Jay became pretty famous after “Again & Again” Wooyoung began standing next to him instead.
3. Bitchy. A hell of a personality.

1. Dissed Jay even before the debut. Junho and Taecyeon talked to Jay in a condescending manner because he was a “Yankee”
2. Teamed up with Taec and talked behind Jay’s back.
3. When fans ask him for autographs, he checks their looks first (to see if they’re hot)

2PM in general
1. Wooyoung changes his girlfriend all the time. Right now he is dating a member of a girl group.
2. Wooyoung and Taec bring sasaeng fans home and sleep with them.
3. Except for Jo Kwon and Khun, OneDay is two-faced.
4. When Wooyoung writes “I miss you” or “I feel… (negative emotion)” It’s always about a girl.

A few days after Jay left, he went to karaoke with Chansung and Wooyoung.
Sasaeng fans followed and heard something ridiculous.
They wrote new lyrics to songs and sang about how happy they were because Jay, the Yankee, had left.
Thanks to him, they no longer had to divide the money into 7 but 6.
Some people ask “How do you know it’s Taecyeon?”
Do you really think sasaeng fans can’t even recognize voices??

From someone who graduated high school with Chansung:
Chansung said he was going to be a celebrity so he has to “build up his image.”
He was in a dance group with my friend and threw tomato juice at her.
He couldn’t dance to save his life but he always acted mad cocky and covered his face (thinking he is a celebrity).
He fought with my friend and broke windows (the friend was a girl).

NOTE: Again i will remind you that i'm not forcing you to believe. It's your choice not mine.


msrmegs said...


Lucky Khun is good.
But Wooyoung? Dang it!

If there's more than one account, then most probably it's real.

But I'll choose NOT to believe for Wooyoung.
But I shall believe about Khun; he's good=)

Still, oh my dang. Hard to believe.
Shouldn't have read all these stuffs

Anonymous said...

I personally believe that most of these are made up by angry Jay-only fans. Is there any proof? (pictures don't really count because you can make up anything about pictures) Jay even said on his youtube page (you can check it, it's realiable) that he didn't want fans to hate 2pm because he still loved those guys. But I do however believe that there was a conspiricy to get rid of Jay (but that's just me)

Anonymous said...

all these stuff is so weird, so shady, so dirty... and i'm not actually surprised, coz all stars are spoiled more or less... this guys are really good actors... but they are such a big shame for Korea as for a country and to a K pop as for an industry. Taec, Wooyoung and Junho are the worst people in the world. Yeah, guys if you hear me, you guys are nothingness! JUN HO, don't write that you are Xtian, God sees everything! You act like a satan's servant, this is who you are in real!

Anonymous said...

i do believe most of the things said up there, because these guys seemed too perfect for simple human beigns...they do really suffer of star dissease..i've noticed that chansug is a bit of agressive- in Win Win Show when he pushed Junsu off the chair with his left leg...that was kind of ugly from his part....at least that's what seemed to me...

Anonymous said...

From all this is painful to think how much Jay must have bared when he was in 2PM...and what a great guy he is by not revealing all this to the media and on his youtube channle said,,2PM are still my honeys don`t hate them for what happened"...or something like that.After they treated him like that,they are still his honeys...I thing that Khun mush bare a lot now too thx to them.On TV they look like kool guys,Is all this are tru` I feel pity for poor khun...IF AND ONLY IF ALL THERE ARE TRUE!!!....not all but I think most of them are:D

Anonymous said...

Wow the video where all members ingnore Khun is very sad )= he didn't evet spoke a word, I think they had a fight or something like that, and at the end Khun seemed to be very hurt....

Anonymous said...

i just stumble upon this website..

it so scary that some of the things here are true..
however, there are some things that made me realize that it might be true like..
taec,, not being close to the other male idols.. i think its true..
and wooyoung too ..
my gosh this website is a bit of an eye opener for me.
but i guess there is a plot for jay to be out of the group..
oh well,, jay is doing fine right now :)

a guy said...

ok this is my perspective.

1) of course they have to keep an "image". their success is based mainly on sales of their music. if they have a bad image, who really is going to buy their music? its the entertainment industry.
2) no one is perfect. do not expect "an idol" to be some perfect being. if they were perfect they would be gods right?

about the group itself

3) it is possible alot "CAN" be exaggerated. we dont know. the fans could have selected the worse parts of them and posted it up. We remember a person easier if they do 1 bad thing over 1000 good things. logically speaking these accounts should be true because they sound like raw facts instead of opinions

4) they can be just assholes. they auditioned and were selected for looks/talents whatever. its a business. its about the money in the end. no one is perfect. i would not be surprised if they were assholes.

Anonymous said...

This is SO stupid LOLLLL

1. There is NO proof.
2. The evidence you provided don't mean SHT.
3. The statement in Khun's description, "The nice ones are usually quiet" is bullsht.

Anonymous said...

No, i cant even believe these things are real!
Oh cmon, Wooyoung got plastic surgery? Have you ever seen Woo's predebute picture? Or he's pics when he was still a kid? His face is still the same!
I believe that those people who talked bad about them are "the Angry Jay's fan cause he outta 2PM"!
There's no way in hell they did those things!
Maybe some are true, cmon they all are human. They're not perfect, they have some bad attitude but not this bad, seriously!
That was low, anti-fans! Stop hating 2PM! 2PM didnt hate Jay why did you guys hate Jay?
I wont believe these shits!

Anonymous said...

Cmon man! The person who made it is a BIG FAN OF NICHKHUN AND JAY so she(?) said alotta bad things about the other member of 2PM! bullshit! this is crap!

Anonymous said...

Where's your proof?

Anonymous said...

Never can believe that this person used to be a 2PM's fan

Anonymous said...

lol this is soooooooooooooo funny come on, ppl which wrote this they can try to write story for drama lol...so jay is cinderrella and other members are evil sisters hahhahahaha

imalwayslateanyways said...

This just broke my heart a little. And NOT because it "Opened my eyes to the realities of 2pm" but it broke it made me realize the crap 2pm and Jay have had to deal with.

I don't believe 2pm and Jay to be perfect! Which is actually the reason why I adore them! And watching those videos reminded me of my friends and how we interact.

If someone were to SPY ON ME AND MY GROUP OF FRIENDS with a bias and with only half the information, they would come out with some conclusions A LOT WORSE than the ones here.

The only thing I took away from here was that Jay was and is a sweet heart. Which I knew. And Khun was sometimes out of the loop. Which I also knew and it doesn't take a genius to figure out.

Anyways they say to only believe things you only see for yourself and even then know you are limited by what you're seeing. And they also say give a person 70 excuses. Because it's always worse to believe in the bad of others and be wrong. Which was THE EXACT MISTAKE people had done against Jay. And now this?

You really think people would learn from their mistakes already. But no.

imalwayslateanyways said...

broke it because* it made me realize

Oh and I just re-read the part of Chansung making his sasaeng fans buy ice cream for him. And OH MY GOD THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! Omg if i had stalkers all day at the very least I would make them do is buy ice cream buy for me. Oh Chansung, you and your stomach. hehehe

Anonymous said...

you being biased!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I don't believe this and I'll NEVER believe in this! Cause' I know that you were just saying this because you want the HOTTEST turn to ANTI-HOTTEST! You just posted the negative sides of the members to gain more haters right? We don't know what are the stories behind 2PM. Maybe they have other reasons who do they act like that. But, we, HOTTEST will love them until the end of time. Sorry for being mean.


A A said...

why the fuck you lyin'

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