03 July 2010

[INFO] 100703 Netizens comment on Khun's existence

T/N: This is the most RECENT POSITIVE article on 2PM on Nate Pann, the most popular community open board for netizens. This is to show everyone a good grasp of what 2PM's popularity is like online amongst netizens. This site is NOT a place where fans get together. Many controversial blog articles are translated from this site.

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Translated to provide a better understanding of the issue as addressed by this NEWS ARTICLE, stating "Will 2PM be able to prove their popularity through their concert?"http://2pmnews.blogspot.com/2010/07/news-100703-will-2pm-be-able-to-prove.html. in comparison to the Taec thread http://2pmnews.blogspot.com/2010/07/info-100703-netizens-comment-on-taecs.html which is very anti.

Every single picture of Nichkhun puts you in awe

2PM's Nichkhun makes makes you amazed with each picture...
These are pictures of him at Everland last weekend.

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Nichkhun probably takes a good picture on the first shot...

Other random comments with 5+ approved.

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What has God given him. Did God steal everything from us and give it to him?

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Is he human?

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Nichkhun's butt hole is probably more handsome than my face...

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His armpit hair is probably handsome too

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An ethereal being that is just briefly visiting this world... (TN: ie an angel)

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I'm slowly getting sick of him...

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Did Victoria save China in her previous life.....

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When Nichkhun wears that shirt, it's sexy.
When I wear that shirt, it's idiotic.

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Angel, for what reason have you come down to this Earth for...?

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His pictures are probably like a photoshoot even when he's picking his nose and taking a dump...

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When God made Khun, he made him by hand with all of his sincerity.
And when he made me, he must've used his feet...........
Yes, he must've been tired........


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