12 July 2010

[NEWS] 100712 2PM were happy that they could drink lots of beer during their CF shooting

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'Beast Idol' 2PM's Nichkhun and Taecyeon exposed their upper bodies, catching the fans' attention.

Cass models 2PM revealed the bodies they have been keeping fit at a beach.

On the 13th, the advertisers stated "For this advertisement, the members came out in their swimming togs and showed off their awesome bodies and fitness, making everyone in their surroundings jealous", "Especially 2PM's best body representative Taecyeon, Chansung and Nichkhun revealed their hidden torsos which gained attention."

For this advertisement 2PM challenged themselves with 10 various water sports such as wake-boarding, jet skiing, kite boarding, para sailing and even riding an ATV, displaying images of their liveliness.

As they finished off the shoot, the members expressed, "We had fun trying out a variety of water sport activities, and since we were able to drink as much beer as we could, if felt like a summer holiday for 2PM".


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