12 July 2010

[NEWS] 100713 Jay might star in SBS's new mellow fantasy drama, 'Secret Garden' @jaybumaom

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Park Jaebum, a comeback through a drama?
SBS 'Secret Garden' prodigy singer role... "Verbal agreements have been made"

2PM's former member Park Jaebum might transform as an actor in a drama.

SBS's 'Secret Garden,' set to air this September, is considering Park Jaebum for one of their roles.

An associate revealed on the 13th that Park Jaebum has been discussing the drama casting with the producers.

He revealed with Star news, "Park Jaebum is discussing it with the drama producers. At this point, they have both verbally agreed."

Another drama associate revealed, "Park Jaebum received the casting offer and is currently balancing the possibility. However, nothing has been decided as of yet."

The role that Park Jaebum will play is a prodigy rookie sunger named 'Sun,' one of the main roles of the movie.

'Secret Garden' is a mellow fantasy drama that has characters going in and out of a game world and reality. The female role has yet to be cast, and the leading male role will most likely be Jang Hyuk.


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