12 July 2010

[NEWS] 100712 Between Jaebum's return and 2PM, where do the fans go?

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Between Jaebum's return and 2PM, where do the fans go?

2PM's former member Park Jaebum has made an official comeback in Korea.

Having left last year due to a controversy made by comments made on his Myspace, Park Jaebum withdrew from 2PM and flew to America. However, after 10 months he has returned with Hype Nation and has released a solo album, marking his comeback as a singer.

The response from fans have been hot. Pre-orders for the album alone has reached 40,000 in sales. As soon as the song was released on the 13th, the song reached #1 in album sales, proving his unchanging popularity.

However, many are expecting another feud to occur between 2PM fans due to Jaebum's termination last February.

Jaebum has been consistently communicating with his fans through Youtube and Twitter. When he released a new song with Dumbfoundead titled 'Cloud,' the feud between 2PM and Jaebum fans was reignited once more.

Regardless, he has completed his official comeback in Korea. 2PM fans have stepped forward on their homepages and fanclubs and have stated, "He is 2PM's former member and leader, let's support him."

Jaebum is currently contracting with Sidus HQ after having left JYP Entertainment. Jaebum and 2PM are now put in a situation where they must battle against one another. However, to the fans, "2PM and Jaebum debuted together so they are still one."

Fans that turned their backs on 2PM due to Jaebum's termination returned to 2PM once their song 'Without U' was released. Jaebum himself also gave a message of affection towards 2PM through his Youtube, stating, "Listen to 2PM's 'Without U!'"

Still, Jaebum has returned as a solo singer, not as a member of 2PM. Now that fans have realized that a reunification between 2PM and Jaebum has become impossible, the fans have been shaken up once more.

A few fans have written on their personal homepages or blogs stating, "I love the 2PM members but thinking of Jaebum standing on stage alone makes my heart hurt and also makes me hate 2PM," "I still refuse to understand the way the company and the 2PM members could do what they did to Jaebum. That is why I will support Jaebum."

The controversy with his withdrawal also remains as an unending hot debate amongst fans. Various fancafes and internet sites has conflicting opinions on the 'private life' statement made by 2PM and still debate which side is right.

To expect a 'win-win' for both 2PM and Jaebum and for the fans to forget what has happened is too early. With Jaebum's fan meeting set for August, there seems to be a continuation of fanclub changes and confusions.


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