12 July 2010

[NEWS] 100713 Find out the details behind Taecyeon's fashion style

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'Beastly Idol' Taecyeon, copy his stylish dandy look

The mixing and matching of casual items with formal items

2PM's member Taecyeon showed his worth as an actor through KBS2's drama 'Cinderella Sister.' He has shown a strong position as a singer, in dramas, music program MC, and in variety programs, coming up as the #0 most sought after figure in the celebrity industry. His worth has skyrocketed after he appeared on KBS2's 'Win Win' where he showed off his witty charisma.

As the representative of beastly idols, he has shown off a manly, sexy style on stage but often goes for the dandy, modern image on variety programs or as Inkigayo's MC, showing off his trendy fashion sense.

The youth often try to follow the styles of idols and show much interest in their fashion.

It is not difficult to understand Ok Taecyeon's styling points. He mixes and matches with casual and formal items, such as a casual t-shirt with form fitting cotton pants or jeans, adding a simple vest for a young, stylish, dandy look.

Ok Taecyeon completes his style with a heavy watch that adds a touch of luxury to his image.


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