12 July 2010

[NEWS] 100712 Jay's 'Count on Me' reaches 40k sales in pre-orders alone @jaybumaom

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Jaebum's 'Count on Me' reaches 40k sales in pre-orders alone

2PM's former member released his new album on the 13th and marked his comeback as a singer. The song was released in Korean, English, and as a remix version through an official mini album.

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Park Geuntae spoke with Star News and introduced the song, stating, "The highlight begins as soon as the song starts. After that part ends, you can hear a new melody that was matched to Jaebum's clean vocals."

However, Jaebum's English lyrics that he wrote himself are more interesting.

Translated back into Korean, the song states, "There's a lot of things that I can't explain. It keeps running through my mind, sometimes I wonder if I should confess them. But it doesn't matter anymore, let's forget it all. I don't want to become a couple that's shooting some pathetic drama. Bad thoughts and the past, let's just let it all go. Your love for me wipes away my tears. Trust me, I want to share my love and peace with you."

Jaebum's associates revealed that the song was written for the fans that have waited and believed in Jaebum.


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