26 February 2011

[INFO] 2PM Japan Mobile - Member Q&A 5-5

May be taken out with full credits.



Question: Speaking of Japan, what is the first thing that appears on your mind?

Taecyeon: The snow in Hokkaido

Question: Is there something you want to eat the most before you die?

Nichkhun: Medication that can lengthen my life on the next day.

Question: What is your favourite food?

Wooyoung: Chicken! Any dish that goes with chicken, I like them all.

Question: What is the thing that you need the most right now?

Junho: Umm… recently there are many things packed in our hostel… So.. I would like to have some personal space?

Question: Food that you cannot not stand at all?

Junsu: There’s nothing that I especially liked or disliked! However, I cannot stand food with a strong smell^^ Everything is OK except for that!! (laugh)

Question: What emoticon do you usually use?

Chansung: I use! I will use this [^^], [ー] and [>_<].



Question: Mobile phone ringtone?

Taecyeon: A song i composed myself, ttunggosin [T/N: Korean trans: “Fat Cat Song”, kkk]

Question: Do you cook on your own? What’s the dish you are most proud of?

Nichkhun: Sometimes it’s Italian pasta, garlic bread.

Question: The place you would recommend for travelling in Korea.

Wooyoung: Jeju Island! Korea has many place with beautiful scenery, among all these place, I personally feel that Jeju Island has the unique and beautiful natural scenery.

Question: An animal that you like?

Junho: Cat. I have a cat and it’s Chansung’s Jeonggami’s brother. (I) really cannot resist it’s cuteness.

Question: If you have time to take a break, where would you want to go?

Junsu: I want to go to Switzerland! A trip to Europe! It’s a vacation paradise over there, (I) would like to enjoy vacation there.

Question: A remedy for keeping your body in a good shape?

Chansung: Go to the gym. I think it’s crucial to go to the gym everyday.

Qusetion: If Junho is an animal, would you rather be a cat or dog.

Junho: I’ll be a dog. [:X lol, Junho you 거짓말~ didn’t you say that you love cats?!]



Question: Do you like drinking?

Taecyeon: I like! Beer with chicken, soju with sashimi, wine with fruits and rice wine with pancake!

Question: Best way to relax yourself?

Nichkhun: Drink coffee, listen to music and try as far as possible to relax myself.

Question: Among the members, who’s strength is the strongest?

Wooyoung: Taecyeon swinging me when doing acrobatics!! He’s responsible for being the strongest in the group.

Question: A place you would recommend for travelling abroad?

Junho: Thailand! I really like the delicious food there… (I) have had so much fun going there everytime.

Question: What do you do when you’re depressed?

Junsu: When depressed, I’ll listen to sad, blue music, (it) can soothe my heart and allow me to reagain strength.

Question: What do you feel about Japanese girls?

Chansung: Japanese girls are all very polite. (They) give me a gentle feeling.



Question: Something you would never stop doing?

Taecyeon: Weight training, managing health is very crucial.

Question: Remedy to prevent cold, how do you maintain your body?

Nichkhun: I will try to replenish vitamins.

Question: Frightened, what is something that you hate?

Wooyoung: The doll “Chucky” in the movie [Child’s Play]!! -_-

Question: Junho, the season that you like?

Junho: Autumn! A season for men… what are (you) waiting for?

Question: Something that you are most passionate about recently?

Junsu: Composing, writing lyrics and coffee!

Question: Please tell how Chansung relieves stress!

Chansung: The way to release stress is listening to music and going to the gym!



Question: A Korean dish to recommend?

Taecyeon: Of course it’s Kimchi!!!

Question: What is the sport that Nichkhun participates in frequently?

Nichkhun: Badminton! I have also represented my school in badminton competition before, I’ve enjoyed it till this day.

Question: Place you would like to go in Japan?

Wooyoung: I want to go to Mount Fuji. I have seen magnificent photos of it, (I) want to experience/see with my own eyes the picturesque, spectacular view, (it) must have been very beautiful.

Question: How do you think girls should dress up will look cute?

Junho: Umm… compared to being cute, (I) like sexy and stylish type more! Like wearing tight jeans and T-shirt?

Question: Please tell us your favourite color.

Junsu: I like to have a look at all the colors before selecting, adding a bit of dazzling pink or green to a plain color.

Question: Where do you look during live broadcast?

Chansung: Usually I will look at the camera and places where my fans are.


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