11 July 2011

[TRANS/INTERVIEW] Asian Countdown Hello Korean Star, 2PM

*This is actually the same interview as last week except this is longer with more accurate translations.

They introduce themselves.
Question 1: In 2pm, who dances the best?
Taecyeon/Nichkhun: Everyone has a different style. (then they all vote and point. They ask Wooyoung to show.)
Wooyoung: I don't know what to dance...
Commentator: Doesn't Wooyoung look adorable when he is shy?
MC: What is this? When you're on stage, you dance your hearts down, why are you all of a sudden shy?
Nichkhun: It's not the right situation.
MC: I'd like you all to teach me a dance, 2pm style.
Wooyoung/Taecyeon: Chansung, over there. He's our representative. Let's go! Teach her the I'll Be Back dance.

They are teaching her how to dance "I'll Be Back"
Question 2: Everyone has such a great body, what is everyone's secret? Who has the best body?
Taecyeon: Go ahead Junsu.
Junsu: I think Nichkhun is the firmest.
Nichkhun: No, it's not me. It's Chansungie. On stage, the person who takes off their shirt the most is this person and that person (pointing towards Taec)
Taec: Yes, Wooyoungie.
Nichkhun: No, Taec
MC: So they have to have the best bodies, right? Most recently, we saw Nichkhun's Men's Health cover. Can I touch your muscles to see if it's real? (Feels his arms). Oh, it's firm!
Nichkhun: It took about 2-3 months. I went to the gym everyday for 2-3 hours.
MC: Ladies get ready to drool.

Question 3: Now as for the next topic, for who's most popular? Who do the ladies scream the most for?
Taecyeon: I think it's Nichkhun.
MC: And what about the others?
Junho: In Korea, it's Taecyeon, and in Thailand, it's Wooyoung.
Nichkhun: Right now, it's because Taec has a drama. But in Thailand, strangely enough it's Wooyoung. He has a lot of fans, and a lot of them are men. Maybe men like small eyes, and his humor.
MC: So he has a lot of jokes. With a humor like this, does he create the atmosphere in the group?
Nichkhun: Yes, he does.
Junho: He's cute
Nichkhun: Yes, he's cute (personality wise)
MC: Oh, what is this...compliment...
Junho: No, no, no. We're friends.
MC: Okay, you are friends. He (Wooyoung) seems so quiet. Is he shy?
Nichkhun: (to Wooyoung) Why are you so quiet?
Taecyeon: He can't speak Thai so that's why he's not answering.
Nichkhun: It's because he can't speak Thai.
MC: He can answer in Korean, we have a translator.
Nichkhun: You can speak in Korean.
Taecyeon: Just say something, don't be shy.
MC: He won't answer. He's shy. Ask him if he's shy because I'm pretty.
Nichkhun: Do you really want me to translate that? (awkward laughs)

Question 4: Who eats the best? (They all answer Chansung)
Junho: He said that he wants to eat this doll too.
Nichkhun: He thinks the doll is food.
MC: He wants to eat it, right? Don't worry, we've prepared food. What does he like to eat?
Nichkhun: He can eat anything. Bring him to a buffet.
MC: Don't worry, I can take care of him then.

Question 5: You guys have been to Thailand so many times. What part of Thailand do you like the best?
Wooyoung: I really like the tourist spots. I like them all, they're all very attractive.
Taecyeon: As for me, I like the hot weather, and it's a very big country too.
Junsu: Like what Taecyeon said, Thailand is very hot, not cold like Korea. Thai fans very given us a very heartwarming welcome, thank you.
Junho: Nichkhun, say something about Thailand. As for me, I like the food. Pork fried rice. Thang mo pun (Blended watermelon). very delicious. And the views in Thailand are very beautiful too. Swimming to enjoy the views is nice. I like Tom Yum Koong too.
Junsu: Rothee Sia mai
Chansung: I like the Thai greeting. It is very gentle and beautiful.
Nichkhun: (translating what Chansung said) Thai way of greeting. It's a tradition that's beautiful and gentle.

Question 6: What fans seem to be the most touching?
Junho: The most touching fans are all the fans that love us.
Taecyeon: And those that have followed our works too.

MC: Nichkhun, do you teach the Thai language or culture to your friends?
Nichkhun: I don't formally teach them, but when we come to Thailand, they ask about the names of food, like Rothee SaiMai. So when we're at the hotel, I tell them to try to order themselves. So they say "Can I have Pork Fried Rice or Thang po pun?" This person can count in Thai too (referring to Junho)
Junho: One two three. That's it. Ten! Four Five Six Seven.
MC: What about everyone else? Can anyone else speak Thai?
Taec: Junsu can speak Thai too.
Junsu: Proong nee fon ja mai thok (Tomorrow it will not rain) - his signature Thai phrase
Taec: I am very hungry.
Wooyoung: Sawadee krap

MC: Nichkhun, since you're Thai, do you ever recommend to your friends where to visit?
Nichkhun: I usually tell them places we should travel to. Like Phuket, Hua Hin.
All: Phuket!
Nichkhun: They've only been to Bangkok and Pattaya. I want to take them to Hua Hin and Phuket, the places that I like. I want to bring them to the places that I like. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to.
MC: Can you recommend Korean food?
Nichkhun: Usually when Thai people go to Korea, they just each Korean BBQ and Bimbimpap. There's also Samgetsam that's healthy.

MC: Taecyeon and Wooyoung, can you describe your character roles in Dream High?
Taec: First, I have to thank you for the warm acceptance of my role. I am just one person in this cast. Thank you for your warm reactions.
MC: Wooyoung, it's your first time acting. How was it? Were you nervous?
Woo: It was my first time acting, so it wasn't easy at all. You can say it was very difficult. I am not very good at acting, so I had to try very hard, especially for my English accent, but good thing I had my hyungs to ask for help. It took a very long time to film, so it was very tiring, but in the end, it turned out good, so I am very happy.

MC: They said that Chansung is a 'bad boy' in Joo's MV. Was it hard to play a bad boy?
Chansung: Yes I was the main male character in Joo's MV. It wasn't very hard, but I had to think hard about the emotions of the character, which involved a lot of emotions, so this was hard.
Nichkhun: So are you really a bad boy?
Junho: Yessss
Nickhun: He's a good actor. So it's easy for him.
MC: So it's not because he's a bad boy.
Nickhun: No
MC: Who is the most "bad boy"?
Taecyeon: It has to be Chansung. He was easily able to act that role because he was just acting himself! Just like this (imitating him with the bubble gun)

MC: I've heard that Junho has participated in a lot of shows. What special skills does he have on those shows?
(sorry can't see again, but they're talking about Dream Team)
Taecyeon: You're good at shows, Junho
Junho: Hmm...game shows. As for game shows, there really isn't anything interesting. I am a good runner, I am better at moving my body than speaking. In these game shows, I am always running, running so fast that you would be surprised.
Nichkhun: (translating what Junho said) He said that he's not good at talking, but there's a variety show were they compete in athletic events, which he is very good at.
MC: So he's very athletic. Junsu, I heard you featured in Rainy Days. Can you show us?
Junsu: Ahh..Rainy days. Singing Rainy days with One Way requires high notes. Together it is very beautiful. (Junsu sings.)
Taecyeon: How can Junsu sing this...it is so beautiful. I want to see you practicing!
Nichkhun: He also composed a song in Dream High.
(Junsu sings, and clips of Real 2pm)

MC: Now back to our Nichkhun. 'We Got Married.' How does it feel to have a wife?
Nichkhun: I think of it as a way to practice for the future. It's fun. It's a program that's different. It's a real reality show.
Taec: Ahhhh
MC: What is your real relationship with Victoria? Is there anything behind the scenes?
Taec: Ahhhhh

MC: What is your real relationship with Victoria? Is there anything behind the scenes?
Taec: Ahhhhh
Nichkhun: We've become close friends. We have good feelings towards each other, but we haven't crossed that line.
MC: Why not? When people spend a lot of time together, there are usually sparks.
Nichkhun: Well, there is some, which is normal anytime a guy and girl meet. But it's just work.
Taec: Ahhhhh
MC: How do your friends feel about seeing you so sweetly in this program? Are they jealous?
Taec: We're jealous!
Woo: Yes, they're very sweet!
Junsu: Seeing how sweet they are makes me very jealous. I follow it very closely. Nichkhun looks very happy. Just saying it makes me very jealous.
Woo: I'm very jealous that Nichkhun gets such a good opportunity like this. If I ever get the chance, I won't pass it up for sure.
Taec/Junsu: Who do you want to be paired up with?
Woo: It's not what you guys are thinking.
Junsu: What if you got the chance?
Woo: If I got it, I would have to split it (Not sure if this is a pun)
Junsu: Just choose someone. If you had to make believe someone...If you had 4 people...
Woo: I'd have to choose one by one...
MC: Looks like the program is going to have other members participate so that they can all be happy like Nichkhun. 2pm has done a lot of commercials. Which commercials have you done in Thailand?
Nichkhun: In Thailand, we have a phone one and snack one.
Junsu: For the snack CF, the staff was very endearing. Thank you for taking good care of us. I remember that day filming took very long, everyone was tired, but it was very fun.
Chansung: Yes similarly. That day we had to change outfits many times. I remember one of my outfits didn't fit right, and so the staff was running around for a new shirt because it was snugged at the shoulders.

MC: Let's talk about you living together. Someone has to be the father, mother. Who plays each of those roles?
Taecyeon/Nichkhun: Wooyoung is the mother because he likes to nag. "why aren't you guys cleaning up? why don't you put things away?" stuff along those lines.
MC: If Wooyoung is the mom, who's the dad?
Taecyon/Nichkhun: There's no dad, but there's a grandpa, which is me. Because I don't like loud noises, I sleep early, and I nag too.

MC: What is 2pm's secret to maintain popularity?
Chansung: We ourselves are not really sure either. It is probably because we try our best and we love in what we do. Most importantly, we have perseverance. We have to take care of ourselves. We love everyone who takes care of us. This love is what gives us the strength to persevere through.
Nichkhun: We try our best when we are on stage.
MC: So in summary, by being themselves, is what makes fans love 2pm. Please tell us about your current projects individually.
Chansung: Right now we have a new album. It shows a new look, so please look forward to it. Bye!
Junho: As for me, I am currently thinking of a new concept. It might take a while, but you will surely see it soon. Thank you very much.
Nichkhun: We are currently preparing our next album. And we hope to be able to come to Thailand more often. Please wait for us.
Junsu: Everytime we come to Thailand, we receive lots of love and warmth from Thai fans, thank you again for the warm welcome. I love you.
Taec: Thank you for loving us. Kob khun krup (Thank you in Thai)
Woo: We will work hard in creating new works. Please look forward to them. Thank you.

Source: TheOngang2pm @ YT
Translated by whiterose @ W2D



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