06 October 2011

[NEWS] Taecyeon appears in a waiter uniform in the Japanese drama, "Visual shock", 2PM (Taecyeon)


The image of Taecyeon in waiter uniform for the Japanese drama "My 99 Days With a Star" has been revealed.

Recently, FujiTV published an introduction and pictures of Taecyeon on the 'My 99 Days With a Star" homepage. 2PM Taecyeon, who has been leading popularity as a beastly idol in Korea, will star in 'My 99 Days With a Star" as Taesung, which starts on October 23rd. It (On the homepage) briefly introduces him and his character.

Additionally, the picture of Taecyeon in a waiter uniform catches one's eye. In 'My 99 Days With a Star', Taecyeon appears as Taesung, who gives up on his dream, goes to Japan, and works a part-time job. He acts passionately as a mysterious man who is close to Kim Taehee.

Taecyeon's character, Taesung, carries a dream but his environment does not allow him to do so, causing him to abandon it. He also carries a big secret that he tells no one about. This secret is expected to cause a big effect on not only the main lead Kim Taehee, but also Nishijima Hidetoshi and paparazzi Jun Kaname.

Taecyeon expressed, "It is my first time acting in a Japanese drama, but I am happy to be working with such excellent cast and staff members. I will work hard to show even just a little good acting."

FujiTV's organization source states, "This time, Taecyeon-shi's character is a character that causes a big effect on the two main leads. We thought he had a very mysterious presence so we asked him for the role," and "Taecyeon is usually a bright person that brings up the atmosphere on the film set. I look forward to him bringing new air to the Japanese drama."

To the picture of Taecyeon wearing the waiter uniform, netizens reacted with "Total visual shock!", "Even as an actor, Taecyeon has the looks," "Film a movie in Korea once," "He captures all the viewers," etc.

Reporter Kim Miri
Credit Nate
Article http://news.nate.com/view/20111007n05622

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
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