01 November 2011

[TRANS] 2PM "Joseijishin" November issue

Jap-Kor trans by Jinro @ whattimeisitnow | Kor-Eng: Rangkat @junkaystreet

What our six beastly idols want to spread is their unchanging love!

Group 2PM - after successfully establishing themselves as beastly idol group in the islands of Japan and earning support from a wide range of age groups, has released their third Japanese single, "Ultra Lover" on November 2nd.

Ultra Lover is a song about an unchanging love, in keeping with the theme of the group's preceding Japanese single, "I'm Your Man."

" Risking one's life for love' is the main message of Ultra Lover. We hope it reaches the hearts of those who listen to the song," says Taecyeon.

It is only natural that the lyrics of Ultra Lover consists of a lover's confession after another, such as 'the last chance to love', 'tasting fate for the first time,' etc etc..

Ironically for the six guys that are known to make women swoon with their carnal manly charms, their biggest weapon is their innocence. What is the greatest love of all to each 2PM member?

"A sincere and genuine love." (Nichkhun)

"Since I believe that love itself is the greatest, every single love is the greatest love to me." (Junho)

"Like ones you might see in a TV drama." (Taecyeon)

"Looking into each other's eyes without a word for about ten minutes?!" (Chansung)

"Family." (Wooyoung and Junsu)

Budokan added to the December 2PM Japan arena tour stops!

On the line of succession to the "Take Off" aeroplane-dance and I'm Your Man necktie-dance, is yet another easily imitable choreography. "Please pay attention to the choreography of the song's chorus part," requests Wooyoung.

Let's blaze through the end of the year with Ultra Lover!


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