09 November 2011

[TRANS] SODA Dec 2011, Taecyeon & Chansung


Two of the "Beast Idols" enchant through Japanese dramas!
Gaining hot interest, the Kpop world's stars are appearing in Japanese dramas!
This fall, two of 2PM's members are appearing, as actors their charm is------
Text: Sakamoto Yukari

New Hallyu Boom
Japanese Dramas

Through a DBSK album or a T-ara single, Korean artists are climbing Japanese music charts simultaneously. In the music world, Kpop fever isn't stopping.

They're calling this Kpop boom the "new hallyu". In the past it was a drama driven boom led by [Winter Sonata] but the new hallyu is one driven by kpop. In the television business as well TBS's [Hallyu Select], Fuji Television's [Hallyu a] etc, this year at the main broadcasting station too, the participation rate of hallyu organizations is increasing and they are talking more about Korean dramas featuring Kpop stars like: [Chaste Kiss], [You're Beautiful], [Dream High], etc.

Kpop stars who can speak Japanese and are nominated are now being cast in Japanese Dramas. In 2010, Jaejoong (JYJ) appeared in [Can't be honest](Fuji TV). Based on what's been heard of 2011 Yoon Hak (Supernova) in [Lovely Kimchi] (NHK), Hongki (FT Island) in [Muscle Girl!] as the lead. And all season, the late night drama, [Jiu] (TV Asahi) stars Infinite's L with Kuroki Meisa and Tabe Mikako. They could say it was a casting which allowed them to think about the benefits for the future.

Take note of Taecyeon & Chansung's shining presence!

And this fall new dramas and new movement is increasing. On Sundays on Fuji TV, in the golden hour's [Boku to Star no 99 Nichi], [IRIS]'s Kim Taehee plays the heroine. Not only that but even in Japan "Beast Idol" 2PM's Taecyeon also appears. [The main character's influence is crazily important from here on out. Mysteriousness and presence were factors in decided the cast. If a new trend is coming to Japanese dramas it would be good] said Fuji TV's Narita-shi and production is also highly anticipated.

Taecyeon also said: "Even now I'm doing everything possible and working hard to improve my acting." Until now, only in [Cinderella's Sister] has Taecyeon played a simple young man who is in love with a woman and by association has made Nuna's hearts flutter, which contributed in increasing viewer percentage. In [Dream High] he showed excellent acting playing a hot blooded young man with the goal of becoming a star, something he himself has experienced through 2PM. Until now he's acted in roles that have had some common parts but in this work the role is mysterious and shaded, so contrary to his usual image, so how well he performs is anticiapted.

In TBS' late night time slot, in a drama based on a popular social game's original story, [Kaito Royale], Chansung who is also from 2PM will appear. He is one of the main cast alongside Matsuzaka Tori, Oomasa Aya, and Fukushi Seiji. It's said this work isn't just in Asia but unfolds a contrasting global production. So casting 2PM who is popular in all of Asia is understandable. Chansung is acting as the macho thief Jack. "I'm still studying Japanese, but I want to approach my role as Jack with everything I've got. Please pay attention to me not as a singer but as an actor too," he expressed enthusiastically. It may be unexpected, but before he debuted in 2PM he appeared as an actor in the popular sitcom [Unstoppable High Kick] alongside Kim Bum. In the private academy drama [Jungle Fish], he acted with [Dream High]'s Kim Soohyun as well. In the current [2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR], in his solo piece he shows off some action scenes. In [Kaito Royale] as well, he will show off his solidified action confidence.

In their own country of Korea Kpop stars are continuously entering into dramas. Actors' places are being threatened. "Acting-dols" is a word that has been coined to refer to idols who are acting. The two from 2PM's, whose acting now makes them "acting-dols," seem to have gained a key to enter Japan.

Source: SODA Dec 2011
Scanned by treasure house
Translated by 셩 @ treasure house (JP-Kor) & mcheller @ W2D (Kor-Eng)


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