18 October 2011

[TRANS] 2PM Junho's guerilla chat

Kor-Eng: Haeda @2pmawlays
Junho isn't here yet

Fan: Where are you chatting from?

At the company

Fan: Had a good dinner?

I ate
How many people are here?
Ah 20

Ooh Banodae is fast

Fan: My heart's beating

You should all buy a lotto ticket today
It won't get picked~~
Ammual lotto (Junho's typo for ANNUAL)

Fan: Ammual lotto?

Heard it's popular lately

Fan: Was gonna give it to oppa if I won

Don't you mean you're gonna stop fangirling rather than giving it to me? kk

Fan: You earn more oppa
You'll probably earn more than me if you won that lotto
Let's not talk about money ...
Money is not important to us
This time right now is

Fan: Oppa who did you go to Busan with?

Me, Junho and Junho

Fan: Did you go by yourself?kkkkk

No way I went by myself..

Fan: Did you enjoy the trip?

It was pretty good
Seeing the ocean for 5 minutes
Eat bokkuk (fish soup)
Watching the scenery at the Mt Jiri stopover
Eating Ddeokgalbi at Jeonju
Had a hard time coming back up (to Seoul)
Rain and thunder

Fan: Did you drive?

We took turns

Fan: Who did you go with? Is it a secret??


Fan: My god

My god?
God my..

Fan: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

It's not meant to be funny
Why aren't you all talking
If you're just sitting there get out!
Knew it... Only busy for 10 seconds

Fan: Why didn't you take a picture of the heart?ㅜㅜ

Heart was taken at Sokcho
5 minutes at the beach before the fansigning

Fan: You not hurt anywhere???

My legs hurt from soccer yesterday

Fan:The heart is really pretty

You got nothing to compliment about but the heart..

Fan: Did you play soccer with Doojoon oppa?

Just with some bros I know

Fan:Did you win?

Got a goal
One goal

Fan: Suicide goal?kkk

Suicide goal get out
Rude comments get out

Fan: Are you really Junho oppa?

Then who am I

I couldn't possibly be the fan master

Today I
Worked hard on self development

Fan: Oppa you're not gonna go out anymore right?ㅠㅠ

I am gonna

Fan: What about Fire Baby..ㅠㅠ

Fire Baby ain't coming out
No Fire Baby
I'm writing a different one
Watch Fire Baby only at the concert
It's a gift for the people at the concert

Fan: Junho oppa I'm really curious

Hunting Dog (Fan's ID)

Fan: Is guerilla chatting only with you?
Fan:Or can other oppas do it too?

Not telling
It's guerilla
If you're my fan don't go
If you're going to other member's chat room
Then go
But it won't be easy

Fan: Oppa you're awesome

I'm full of character
It's just not shown on TV

Fan: Are you really Junho oppa?

Yes, I'm Ok Taecyeon
Taec Chansung are working hard..

Fan:What about you?

Playing hard with you guys
Guerilla is actually quite fun

Fan: I have a meeting at 8pm but because of oppa I can't go anywhere..ㅜ.ㅜ

You should keep promises

Fan: I was gonna eat sushi~

Sushi sounds yummy

Fan: LoveIt(fan ID): Sushi>Oppa

Bye LoveIt
Kicked out

There are a lot of people who aren't talking
I'll receive a question each

Fan: Oppa aren't you gonna do individual promotion?

That was BanjjakNuneo's question.
Individual promotion
Maybe someday

Fan:What about Encore Concert?

Encore Concert
Maybe someday

Fan: What do you want to eat right now!!!!!?????

What I want to eat.
Already had it so none.

Fan: Aren't you going to change your twitter profile pic?

Twitter profile
Yeah, seems like there ain't any good pictures
I don't like my selcas lately

Fan: Oppa why did you suddenly do a guerilla?

Guerilla.. Just because I wanted to see you guys
This is individual promotion

Fan: You should do individual promotion everyday

Should I do Afreeca? (Online broadcasting website)
Should I? kk
bj Jjuneo
I heard there's an actual job for it
Wow how can that be an actual job?
Do you actually earn?

Fan: Each star balloon is 100WON~

Right, then I'll start later at 2AM

Fan:Screen capped

kk Not doing it..
I will when my life is in poverty
I'll do it when I'm not doing any individual promotions
I'll sing too

Fan:Dance too please

Dance.. How can you dance on a chair

Fan:And act

Acting sounds good
I'll do 'Sweet Life'
And 'Lovers in Paris'
Hello hi there I'm bj Jjuneo
Omg I think I can't do this

Fan:Oh...Hands Up is coming out at the baseball field!

Is Doosan doing well lately?

Fan: Doosan didn't do so well in the autumn seasonㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Ah ha.
My cousin won 15 games?
Can't remember but he won quite a lot

Fan:Kim Seonwoo pitcher did really well..

My bro is the best

Fan:16 wins!!

Ah 16 wins.

Fan:Oppa don't tell me you just googled it right now?...

No someone told me before

Fan: You should do the pitching for Doosan next year ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Seonwoo bro said if I want to do it
Then I have to wait till he's in the first team during the Series
So then we can do it when we're both awesome but I don't know if that's right

Fan: Then oppa should practice pitching from now^^

I throw at 160km
dog sound (=just kidding)

The time has flown

Fan:Why are you going?ㅠㅠ

No I'm not going, just saying time has flown.,.
The questions are not fresh then I'm not answering
Let's go

Fan: Did you climb Mt Jiri?

Only took a photo of it

Ah that was not fresh at all
I'm gonna climb wearing Nepa
Everyone should climb the hills in front of their houses
Wearing Nepa

Fan: You should've put up a photo of bokkuk as well kkkk

Bokkuk was so yummy.. ㅠㅠ
Hey then that makes us not have freedom at all

Fan: Where did you go? Geumsu Bokkuk?

Geumsu Bokkuk
2nd floor
Big room

Fan: Yeah, really only Nepa has freedom...

If it's unfair then you should work at Nepa

Fan:Then I can't receive autographs~

You can take photos

Fan: Can I be a worker at Look Optical?kkkk You're model for them too

kkkkkkkk Look Optical
When we see our faces
On some buildings
Hanging really huge
It's kinda embarrassing
With glasses and all

Fan: A huge poster of Horror Maze is up at Gangnam Station

Ah Horror Maze
Was it scary

Fan: Oppa I went to Horror Maze but gave up at the first level....

Gave up?
If you're my fan then act like me
If you're my ? (fan)
Completed the whole thing
It's not something to boast about
But I laughed
Those people
Staying there for 4 straight hours
Just to shoot us
How hard it would've been
And I was 5th in line
It was kinda scary
They say there are 3 ways of reaction when people are scared
One person would be so frightened that they scream and fall over
One person wouldn't even look at it and rush off
One person would be scared but think about it bit by bit

Fan: What were you like?llll

I touched everything in sight and checked it out
But the most scary thing was
Not the ghosts
But when I had blood on my hands when I came out
That was really scary

Fan: kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Think about it, you guys are working there
For 4 hours going ughhhhroararghhh and then when you're coming out
You get kicked
Some don't get frightened and ask for a handshake, wouldn't you be disappointed
So at first I was going in shaking the ghosts' hands
And did you go to the very end where there are a row of doors?
kk There are only 2 that open
I opened all of them and then this ghost came out
But our eyes met
Then the ghost lost their timing
Doctor's daughter?
I don't know.
Anyways I can't remember and it was really frightening but it didn't scare me

Fan: But why did you go with Junsu oppa?

Oh yeah
They just told us to go in together

Fan:Why just the two of you cheating

Because we're Junbras

Fan: kkkkkkkkkkkk Aren't the Junbras doing a duet?

Gotta make Alive successful first
Let's all do the streaming

Fan: Oh I just remembered but have you seen Dogani? (Korean movie)

I haven't seen it but I'll read the novel

Fan: You'll swear so bad when you see the movie

I know~ I don't wanna watch cos I'll swear


We filmed at Everland Horror Maze
Went to see babies at the Safari
I really want to raise a lion
So pretty

Fan: You'll be eaten

What if I cut their nails everyday

Fan: But what about their teeth k

But then later
I wish to build a safari and raise the cubs

Fan: Zoo!

I won't open a zoo but just my own animal farm kk
Which means I need to work very hard

I'm going now bye

Fan: Why are you going already ㅠㅠㅠ

I'm gonna leave in a cool manner cos I'm cool and any questions to UFO
Oh what the

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