21 October 2011

[TRANS] TV GUIDE - Chansung Appearing in 'Phantom Thief Royal'

Source: TVguide Magazine
Translated by Memoria (jp-kor) & mcheller (kor-eng)
Scans by: neru @ W2D

Wild idol as a body oriented thief!?

Popular online social game "Phantom Thief Royal" will be an original story drama!
Coming into the picture as the body oriented thief, real 'body oriented' kpop idol 2PM's Chansung!

"This time, the character i'm portraying is the body oriented thief Jack. He's a mysterious man whose name and age are veiled. There are a lot of action scenes that match up to the nickname "body oriented" too. At the start of filming the action director asked me what movements I could do well and i told him 'if it's kicking I have confidence' (hahaha). I'm actually a black belt in Taekwondo and Geomdo you know! This experience saved me in this drama and I'm acting in some fancy action scenes. Since I'm able to show my own specialty through this drama I feel good."

This quarter, Taecyeon from the same group is also starting his first Japanese drama.

"It's really passionate work. In the drama genre, from the point we took on the challenge, even if it's a different piece, I'm feeling a sense of camaraderie. When the two of us are together we even talk to each other about our own filming too. 'Today I shot this kind of thing' ...even if it's trivial things like this. (hahaha) Even so, because we're talking about the same topic it's enjoyable. This fall is the 1 year mark for 2PM doing activities in Japan, and since i'm even able to do a drama like this in Japan I feel really thankful. It's an opportunity for me to make myself known to a lot of people more individually than through 2PM. I will try my best to show that I can act well through my role so please anticiapte it!"

Q: Geomdo 2nd degree black belt, Taekwondo 3rd degree! How did you start learning?

For Taekwondo I started through my mother's recommendation. In my elementary school days I was pretty weak so she said I should raise my strength through taekwondo. If I went to train my mother would buy me a toy. Was it a toy car? At first because I was happy I could get a toy I went (kekeke) For geomdo, I was charmed by the performance aspect of it so I learned it.

Q: Jack is body oriented but what do you think of your acting self? The 2pm members?

Since I'm active I'll be body oriented. Taecyeon is also body oriented. Junho and Junsu are writing lyrics and composing and they like machines so they're skill oriented. Wooyoung is a deep thinking mind oriented person. Nichkhun is everything oriented (kekekeke) Seems like that.


Crystallionaire said...

soo cant wait to see Chansung in an action drama :D i havent seen him show off his skills since he was on the show The Quiz that Changed the World (:

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